Yoga before and after review

My Journey with Yoga : Before and After Review

I started doing yoga five years ago after seeing an inspirational video of a man called Arthur who could not walk.

The video shows him performing yoga, before and after.

How does Yoga works?

Yoga is a spiritual and ascetic discipline, which involves breathing control and meditation techniques. The most well-known and seen yoga pose is the downward dog as it is a beginner pose demonstrating the bodily postures that are used in yoga. Yoga is widely practiced around the world and widely practiced for its health and relaxation.

Arthur’s transformation is extraordinary, as he goes from not being able to walk after landing on his legs from parachuting to again being able to run. It shows the power of yoga, through its ability to change lives and it shows anyone can do it.

Having only previously done yoga on my Wii Fit, which I was really bad at, I decided to give DDP yoga a try, as it was the one Arthur used to get in great physical shape. DDP yoga incorporates all styles of yoga into his sessions.

How to start yoga

Where to get started?

One of the many great things about doing yoga is that you can do it anywhere, so it was easy to get started. You just need an area where you are able to move around and stretch your body. I choose to do it on my own, but there are many classes for beginners if you wanted to do it with other people. All ages can get involved with yoga from babies and onwards so there is no excuse for anyone not to start their yoga journey.

Increases your flexibility

Flexibility is what I wanted to focus on, as my flexibility had been nonexistent in previous years. I could not even touch my toes while bending over. Yoga increases your flexibility through the bodily moves you do. The moves I was doing, I had never done before, but the more I have done them, the easier it becomes and the better it felt doing them. The reason for this is, the body gains a wider range of motion as it gets into a routine of using them motions.

My improved flexibility has also prevented me from getting as many injuries as I used to, having played football for ten years, I had racked up unnecessary injuries and niggles. However, performing such moves as the chair pose and easy pose, my ankle strength has only got better and better.  

top benefits of yoga

Top 5 benefits of doing Yoga

The more I have done yoga, the more benefits I have encountered. There are so many benefits you gain from participating in doing yoga. The benefits of doing yoga include:

  • Lowering stress levels – The main part of yoga is to gain inner peace by becoming completely relaxed through meditation. The breathing techniques taught with yoga allow for more oxygen to go to the brain, creating you to be a happier person. If you can block yourself from the world around, you will truly feel the advantages of doing yoga.
  • Confidence levels are boosted – Along with making you happier, yoga can actually boost your confidence. It frees your mind of tension so that you can feel confident about your physical body.
  • Helps with posture – As previously mentioned, it helps with flexibility, what is done through improving muscle and tone strength. One of the muscles that will improve, is your back muscles. The back muscles will become strong enough to support your weight and it will encourage your body to sit upright and stand up tall.
  • Increases Weight Loss – If you see Arthurs before and after pictures from doing yoga, you can clearly see how much weight he lost while doing yoga. If you are over-weight, you may experience balance issues, which will be lessened if you lose weight. The therapeutic nature of yoga to your mind and body helps to de-stress you and weight will come of you naturally.
  • Breathing enhances – Consistently practicing yoga will improve your lung capacity because of the deep breathing you will be performing. This will also help out with stamina and endurance for activities such as playing football and other intense sports. Meditation slows down your hope rate which lowers blood pressure, and others say it helps with lowering cholesterol and improving the immune system.

Doing yoga has vastly improved my life.

Types of  Yoga

After doing yoga for a couple of years, I changed my yoga style. It became more focused on a particular type of yoga, Vinyasa yoga. Vinyasa Yoga is a fast-paced style of yoga, as you perform with continuous movement. As I am a runner, this style attracted me as it also helps with endurance. I also tried the Yoga Burn Challenge, it's a great course if you are looking to lose weight!

If that does not sound like the right style for you. There are eight other main styles to pick out of, as a ninety-year-old and a twenty-year-old most likely will not be doing the same actions. All styles of something different depending on what you are looking for in particular. Here are the nine types.

Ashtanga – six strict poses which increase internal heat

Bikram – Routine based, as the same twenty-six poses are used

Hatha – A slower pace, great for beginners

Hot – As the name suggests, it will leave you dripping in sweat, as it is performed in a heated room

Iyengar - (Speak to a Doctor First) Performed normally with injuries, all about precision and detail

Kundalini – Very spiritual and breathe based. Many celebrities prefer to do this style

Restorative – Used on recovery days for athletes. Very slow allowing for deep relaxation

Yin – Creating that piece of mind, Zen, creating you to stretch and unwind

Yoga is a great pass time, as before I had aches and pains but after really getting into yoga, they have gone.

Everyone should have a yoga journey!

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