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How to clear candida in a day

How To Clear A Yeast Infection In One Day

The realisation that you may have developed a yeast infection is always disconcerting. Not only can this type of infection be extremely uncomfortable, but it can also feel difficult to talk about openly with your doctor or pharmacist. Yet it is something that around 75 percent of women, and many men, will experience at some […]

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Danger of drinking herbal tea

Is it Safe to Drink Herbal Tea When You’re Pregnant? Pregnancy & Tea Drinking

The general consensus is that most herbal teas are safe to drink during pregnancy. In fact, certain ones can actually be beneficial: peppermint and ginger teas make a great home remedy for morning sickness and nausea. Drinking tea can be a relaxing way to de-stress and unwind. As with most things whilst you’re expecting, it’s best […]

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