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Trim Down Club Review

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Here at EHI Primary Care, we know that deprivation diets really don’t work: you feel hungry all the time, you’re preoccupied with food labels, and counting pointless calories. No one on a genuine path to optimal health and wellbeing can tolerate faddy diet plans on a permanent basis.

That’s why we are encouraged by Trim Down Club’s claim that it isn’t really a diet program. Instead, it’s a way of dieting that fosters long-term healthy habits, allowing you to eat what excites you and still lose weight. No crash diets, no fasting, no supplements: just personalized professional nutritional advice you can use to suit your lifestyle goals.

Proper nutrition isn’t a one-size-fits-all thing: we are all unique. So, this online program provides you with the education and support you need to create a personalized, professionally-approved, long-term eating plan.

Read on to hear our take on Trim Down Club’s services and how they are helping people on their journey to optimal wellbeing.

Who are the Trim Down Club?

The Trim Down Club web service was developed by Ossie Sharon, a certified dietitian with over 20 years of clinical experience.

Acting as Trim Down Club’s Director of Dietitians, Ossie and her team of professional nutritionists have been on-hand to give Trim Down Club subscribers the best advice for their long-term health needs since 2012.

Now, six years on, Trim Down Club has over one million members and counting.

Trim Down Club has steadily built up an excellent reputation within the health and fitness community because it doesn’t promise its users a ‘quick fix’ solution.

Nowadays, very few of us are convinced by ads for crash diet solutions, and fewer of us still believe that processed ‘diet’ and ‘sugar-free’ foods are actually any good for us.

This is what makes the Trim Down Club different: it contains hundreds of meal plans based around whole foods with recipes of unprocessed foods. Take the stress out of counting calories and concentrate on building a secure nutritional foundation instead.

Dr Karen Shackelford on why crash diets don’t cut it

For decades, fad dieting plans have run roughshod over balanced nutrition fundamentals, causing hopeful followers to gain weight as soon as their eating plan finished.

The reason why crash diets don’t work is connected to how the body metabolizes energy.

According to Dr. Karen Shackelford, the body goes into shock when it feels as though it is being starved. Your metabolism doesn’t register your plans to get into a bikini in eight weeks time, so it holds onto any sustenance it can get, and turns it into body fat.

Trim Down Club trims down dieting and fitness to the often overlooked basics: eat often, eat well, and maintain a steady metabolic rate.

Every nutritionist on Trim Down Club’s roster is certified and experienced in working with a range of different body types and health conditions. For under 10 dollars a month, subscribers can create personal health and weight loss goals, ask questions, and together with the experts build a holistic, lifelong meal plan.

What is the Trim Down Club diet?

Signing up to Trim Down Club gives you access to a qualified dietician and a host of other helpful features:

  • Get a personal menu planner that’s approved by a qualified dietician. Ask your online nutritionist questions, tell them about the foods you like to eat (as well as any intolerances), and they’ll create the perfect menu for your needs.
  • Update your health and fitness goals as you work through the plan. You can adjust requirements with the help of a qualified professional whenever you need to.
  • Choose from thousands of delectable menus. The lists are regularly updated with new, nutritionally balanced recipes that are easy to follow.
  • Get access to Trim Down Club’s full suite of apps including My Menu Planner, containing all your saved recipes, and state of the art tools to help you manage and sort your meal planning ideas.
  • Track your weight loss milestones with the easy-to-use My Progress fitness-tracking tool.
  • Get the inclusive Journal app, where you can record the triumphs of your healthy, new approach to dieting.
  • Instant Menus – this screen creates an instant meal plan for your needs, based on favorite menus selected by other members
  • Be fully informed of the latest nutritional science findings. Sign up for exclusive information and educational resources – updated weekly.
  • Join all of Trim Down Club’s Community Forums filled with discussion and support from like-minded members.
  • Receive a Quick Start and a Comprehensive Guide to getting the best results from Trim Down Club’s services.
  • New subscribers will also gain access to an initial 8-week plan, to help them get off to a good start
  • Get Bonus Gifts including The Trim Down Cookbook — teaching you all you need to know about cooking healthy balanced meals at home.
  • Download the educational ebook guide, Shopping The Proper Way. This book outlines the warning signs for toxic junk on food labels, and where to shop to find the best whole foods for the whole family.
  • Also download Trim Down Club’s exclusive Soups Recipe ebook, which is packed with delicious fat-burning soup recipes.
  • The 14-Day Express Meal Planner ebook helps you stick to your best eating habits, even when you’re too busy to cook.

What We Like About Trim Down Club

This program unlocks the key to lifelong healthy eating habits. No longer will you worry about counting calories and depriving yourself of your favorite foods (a terrible way to live).

You can concentrate on living your best life with the right staple ingredients fuelling your success.

Here are some more benefits:

It Can Work For The Whole Family

Every person is unique, and we all have foods we love and others we tend to avoid.

Trim Down Club caters to everyone’s tastes, no matter how ‘out there’ they may be.

Trim Down Club recipes are good hearty meals the whole family will enjoy. You will never again have to create separate diet-friendly meals just for yourself.

Get the perfect balance of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats working together to stabilize your metabolism with every single meal.

The Online Platform Supports You From Day One

From the get-go, join the Express program and start eating right from day one. From there, use the software tools to input your preferences, and a dietician will get back to you with your personalized meal plan.

The database of recipes allows you to browse and save your menus and to create the ideal eating regime whether you’re at home or looking for food options to enjoy while you’re on vacation.

As Trim Down Club is like having a personal dietician, it is easy to follow, and practically impossible to fail.

Access To Expert Advice For A Flat Fee

Trim Down Club lowers the barrier to consulting a qualified dietician and the team have invested a lot into making the process as simple as possible. Sharon Ossie and her team have worked hard to iron out the kinks in the program over the last few years. The company strives to increase customer satisfaction by giving their members a wealth of help and support via their forum pages. These measures help ensure that their weight loss community stays on track.

Backed By A 60-Day Money Back Guarantee

Trim Down Club is exceptionally confident that new subscribers will start to see results within the first month. So sure, in fact, that Ossie and the team at Trim Down Club say they offer all new subscribers a 60-day money back guarantee.

If customers are not 100% satisfied with their range of service offerings, they can just cancel and recoup all their funds before the 60 days are up. With such low subscription fees and a money-back guarantee, you can invest with absolutely no risk.

Targets The Real Weight Loss Problem

Dieting causes you to experience feelings of hunger and deprivation. Monitoring everything you eat, and trying to eliminate specific food groups entirely causes stress. These two feelings combined are a recipe for disaster and will turn you off of conventional diet plans quickly.

But worse than that, any weight you may have lost on a crash diet will be very rapidly regained — plus interest. The endless cycling of yo-yo dieting is only sustainable in bringing long-term stress and anxiety into your eating.

Trim Down Club gives you all of the educational resources you need to make healthy and informed food choices for life.

What We Didn’t Like About Trim Down Club

We really like this product because it puts nutritional education at the core of its business model.

At EHI Primary Care, we inspire people to make similarly informed choices in their pursuit of health and wellbeing. However, it is only fair to mention some of the things you may want to consider before signing up to Trim Down Club.

Limited Exercise Advice

To see the best results with the Trim Down Club plan, you need to do daily exercise to get your fat-burning chemicals working. At the very least you should be engaged in moderate exercise (like walking) for a minimum of 30 minutes per day.

However, as Trim Down Club primarily focuses on nutrition, there are comparatively fewer resources for those looking for in-depth information on exercise regimes. As Trim Down Club features thousands of recipes, the limited exercise resources, in comparison, should come as no surprise.

TDC’s emphasis aligns with their belief that 80% of weight loss is down to your diet, with the remaining 20% of weight loss attributed to exercise. There is, however, in our opinion, room for more research on how much exercise affects our ability to lose weight.

Slow Customer Service

In the past, customers have claimed that the customer service team have been slow to respond to emails. Some complained that they had to wait upwards of three days to get a response on the company’s 60-day money back guarantee.

However, other customers have experienced speedy replies to their queries and are satisfied with Trim Down Club’s quality of customer service.

To get in touch with the team, you have to use the email contact form. There appears to be no dedicated customer service telephone number listed on the Trim Down Club’s main website.

Email-only communication may be an issue for customers with limited access to Internet-enabled devices.


As the amount of information on TDC is so vast, we had to gather the opinions of a group of users with differing ages and body types.

On average, the new starters were pleased with the results, noting an average weight loss of 1-3 lbs a week. All of our testers noted the improvements to their mood and tiredness levels within the first week. We also noticed a change in our skin, with fewer breakouts, and an added healthy glow.

As a cooking novice, getting to grips with the recipes was the most challenging aspect of the program. However, the Trim Down Cookbook is an excellent resource for kitchen dummies, who don’t know their pestle from their mortar.

One user, who said she read all resources cover to cover, was amazed at how much she learned about nutritional science.

One subscriber also noted how the program improved her sense of taste after a few months. She described her taste buds ‘coming alive’ with the intake of wholesome, flavorful foods.

The Final Verdict

Trim Down Club is a great program that promises to set you up with healthy eating habits for life. For a low monthly fee, you can access all of the tools and advice you need to get trim without the need to splash out on expensive prepacked foods, which more often than not are filled with junk.

This weight loss method will free you from the yo-yo dieting cycle forever. You will be equipped with professionally-approved advice that adjusts to meet your health and fitness goals.

Never suffer cravings for junk food snacks again, as the TDC plan will teach you how to enjoy your favorite foods in moderation.

We highly recommend the Trim Down Club program to our friends and family.

Once you are grounded in the right knowledge, eating a healthy diet becomes effortless.

Get expert advice for a low monthly subscription fee, check out Trim Down Club now.