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Prüvit Keto OS: Weight Loss Review 2019

To lose weight you need a strategic and long-term plan.  This is the theory behind ketogenic diets (Keto), where high-fat quantities and low-carbohydrate quantities are encouraged.  This is said to benefit the health of the user drastically in many different ways, as well as aiding with the loss of weight.

The method of Keto dieting has been highly publicized and it has increased in popularity severely in recent years.  Due to the increased use of keto dieting, many manufacturers have created supplements which aid your body to reach the state of ketosis and give your body any minerals and vitamins it is missing out on.

Prove it with Prüvit Keto OS

Currently, as people following a keto diet are realizing, Prüvit Keto OS is enhancing their dietary requirements and it has fast become the favorite brand of the keto supplement world.  Why?  Well, not only is it increasing weight loss, but it also gives the user more energy, lessens the appetite, and users have seen noticeable improvements in their athletic successes and/or gym workout progression.

What is Prüvit Keto OS?

How does it help you lose weight

As we have already discovered, there are many different Keto brands on the market at the moment, but this Keto brand have supplements created by the self-confessed market leaders of the Ketone world, Prüvit.  They want to make their product accessible to anyone and everyone by having their product for home use and ready for people with busy lives who are normally on the go.  For this reason, they have created big, bulk powder containers for use in the same place often and sachets of their powder for when you’re on the go.  They are both really easy to use as they are just to be mixed with cold water for you to drink wherever you are.  Prüvit do not want you to be prevented from using their product just because you’re busy.  This is a great sales technique for them, with our lives being busier and faster than ever before.  We live in a world where we need everything to be fast and portable.  If you are interested in using Keto products, or your current Keto product is not convenient for your life, this is most definitely your best solution.

What does Keto OS mean in Prüvit Keto OS?

Keto OS stands for Ketone Operating System.  This is also known as Ketosis.  This state occurs when the body is in a certain metabolic state caused by enhanced Ketone levels in your blood.  This state of Ketosis can be caused solely by your diet (if you eat only protein and fats, no carbs) and can also be reached by using Keto supplements, like Prüvit Keto OS.  To define Keto OS is to state the raised levels of Ketone on your body, which, when combined with stable but low insulin levels and stable but low blood glucose levels, activate your body to lose weight.  Generally, the state of Ketosis is associated with people who do not have any carbs or sugars in their diet, so their bodies feed of their pre-stored fat for the energy it requires to burn to carry you through each day.

Prüvit Keto OS is the first exogenous Ketone supplement on the market.  This means that Ketones are created externally from the body in the supplement.  This enables Ketosis to still be able to occur even if blood glucose levels are not low.  This is the opposite as to how the state of Ketosis occurs naturally in the body, known as endogenous Ketosis.

What are Ketones?

The body produces Ketones when it does not have enough glucose to burn to fuel you through your activity.  The most common times that this state is induced within people is during starvation, times of fasting, and when people are following Keto diet plans.  In scenarios like these, the metabolic rate of the body is altered and enters a state known as Ketosis.  This is when fat burning is at its optimum level.

How do Ketones work?

When the body requires energy it simply does not have, Ketones are created via a mechanism known as Ketogenesis.  This is where the liver extracts fatty acids and cleverly transforms them into Ketones, which become energy, allowing your body to continue in its functioning.

If blood sugar is at a low level, your main energy source will be Ketones.

This is why Prüvit Keto OS is so efficient.  It lowers your blood sugar but keep it stable and then uses the Ketones created by your liver to burn fat as energy.  This is how you lose weight!  When we put it like this, it sounds kind of simple, but it’s very clever how Prüvit Keto OS emulates Ketosis and it is so very effective in its mission for weight loss.

Prüvit advertises their products as being able to induce the state of Ketosis within 1 hour of its use.  This is a very attractive quality if you are not a gym bunny or if you find strict diets really difficult to follow and you get bored easily.  In effect, this is your shortcut to weight loss without any of the stereotypical hard work we normally associate with doing so.

How to recognize that you’re in Ketosis

Few things you'll notice when you're in ketosis

There are many common factors that regular users associate with being in the state of ketosis.  Okay, these aren’t all seemingly positive on the onset but they are all positive in the respect that if and when you encounter them, you will know that your body is in ketosis, it’s working and it’s burning fat for you.


The most common of the side effects and it’s often said that your breath smells quite fruity when you reach full Ketosis.  This is caused by acetone which is a Ketone itself, only existing in your breath and your urine.  We know that bad breath is not something that you will want, but just know that this means that your body is working well and working hard to help you on your quest to lose weight.  So the majority of people on Keto diets are regular teeth brushers and are very frequently chewing sugar-free gum;

Losing weight

You will know you’re in a good and constant state of Ketosis when you are noticeably losing weight.  Are your jeans a little looser?  Are you less out of breath climbing the stairs?  Do you need to do your belt up an extra notch?  These are wonderful signs!  Even in your first week of being in Ketosis, you can lose weight.  This isn’t generally fat though, it tends to be carbs and water but it is the start of the longer term fat burning process;


We are able to identify the level of Ketosis in our body through our urine.  You can do this by using indicator strips which measure the amount of acetone in the urine.  This can be done on a daily basis if you so desire, though many people are not fully sure that the strips are totally reliable.  Others, however, want to measure the amount of ketone being excreted and therefore use this as a fast and financially beneficial way of doing so;

No hunger pangs  

On most diets people report that they are hungry and have cravings for many different types of food.  But you will not feel like this at all if you are in the correct state of Ketosis and following a good Ketogenic diet.  It is thought that this is because Ketosis alters the hunger hormones found in your body and prevents you from being hungry and cravings certain things.  The full reasons as to why you do not feel hungry or crave foods are still under investigation, with some researchers also thinking that Ketones are able to alter your brain’s function towards food and how you think of it, which in turn reduces your need for it;

More energy   

Due to the production of Ketones within the body and their ability to stabilize the blood sugar, this gives the consumer of Keto products much more energy to be able to do the things they love, compete, workout more, or just not be so generally tired during the day;

Better concentration 

It is common for people to feel lethargic and often sick when they are not eating a vast quantity of carbohydrates in their diet.  They report symptoms which are now referred to as being Keto Flu.  For people who are on a long-term Keto diet, this is not the case.  Instead, it is frequently reported that they have more focus and their concentration has increased to being hugely better than it has ever been before;

Short-term tiredness  

As with any change to your body, diet, and routine, the impact does not occur overnight.  For your body to reach the full and desired level of Ketosis it takes anywhere between a week and a month.  In this time, it is often reported that people feel a little tired.  This is because your body is reducing its water content at an incredible rate and therefore your electrolytes are out of balance.  This is the most common time for people to quit their Keto diet.  But stick it out and you will be amazed by the benefits.  You could try electrolyte supplements if you want to assist your body in finding its natural balance a little quicker and prevent yourself from feeling quite so tired;

Toilet habits change  

When a new diet of any kind begins, you start eating different kinds of foods – often ones which your body isn't used to.  So right at the beginning, when your body is entering a state of Ketosis, you may experience either diarrhea or constipation, but we promise this is short lived.  It’s just while your body acclimatizes to lack of carbs and increased fats.  To help you through, make sure that you continue to eat foods which contain a good level of fiber;


At the beginning, sleep may be a little interrupted as your body starts to change and begins its journey into Ketosis.  This only ever lasts a couple of weeks until the desired state of Ketosis has been reached.  After that, most long-term Keto loving dieters, say that they have never slept so well.

How to consume Prüvit Keto OS

Prüvit Keto OS can be consumed in two different ways, depending on whether you are using the bulk container or the sachets for on the go use.

If you are using the bulk containers, it is recommended that you use one heaped scoop of the Keto OS powder (the scoop comes free) and then mix it with your preferred amount of cold water, between 12 and 16 ounces of it are usually required.  If you are using Prüvit Keto OS for therapeutic reasons, then consuming these quantities once per day is all that you need.  However, if you are looking to aid your body in being able to perform at its optimum level, then you can use these measurements two times per day, at different times.

Alternatively, if you are running around constantly, use the sachets of Prüvit Keto OS powder by just adding it to your desired amount of cold water wherever you are.  Take it with you, make life easier for yourself and your body can do all the extra work whilst you continue with your day.

Ketone use for athletes

How Ketone helps athletes produce more energy

When you train hard, you need more blood sugar (glucose).  When muscle glycogen (stored glucose) is at too low a level, athletes are unable to perform well.  They become too tired and have no more energy to give.

The use of Ketone supplements, such as Prüvit Keto OS, have been absolutely ground-breaking in the athletic industry, as they are a legal way to increase energy and improve the performance levels.  To show you the impact in an easy to visualize manner, a recent study compared drinking a Keto supplement just like Prüvit Keto OS with a supplement which contained both fat and carbs.  Incredibly, it was found that the Ketone consumers were able to run an average of 400 meters further in just 30 minutes than the runners who consumed the fat and carbohydrate-containing supplement.

Also, because Prüvit Keto OS is the first exogenous Ketone, it has been proven to aid recovery time after a very intense workout by decreasing the time taken for the user to recover dramatically.  This is because it can directly target the muscles and give them the glycogen they need to recover and it does so fast.

It has not yet been proven as to whether all exercise types benefit from the use of exogenous ketones, like Prüvit Keto OS.  For Ketones to work properly, they need a good supply of oxygen, so exercise of an anaerobic nature may not enable the Ketones to work at their full capacity.

What is the main attraction of Prüvit Keto OS?

The majority of customers are attracted to Prüvit Keto OS because of its proven track record for assisting with weight loss.  Many studies have found it to limit the appetite of the consumer and therefore aid with weight loss further.  This process occurs when Ketones in the blood are raised.  By taking a supplement like the Prüvit Keto OS weight loss supplement, you will be substituting and hastening the process of Ketosis within your body, which speeds up the process of weight loss, can keep weight stable and will suppress your appetite.  This is thanks to Ketones affecting your hypothalamus, which is the part of the brain you use to balance your energy and decipher as to when you need to consume more food.  It has also be found that people who use Prüvit Keto OS or other such weight loss supplements had lower levels of insulin found within their bodies.  This means that there are multiple other health benefits for using such products, such as the likelihood of diabetes, heart problems and strokes all being hugely reduced.

Why Prüvit Keto OS and not a different supplement?

Why is  Prüvit Keto OS than other supplements

It underwent an enormous amount of testing and research before it was launched as the first therapeutic Ketone supplement on the market.  Prüvit Keto O is Doctor approved and thoroughly lab tested.  It has the backing of multiple universities.  It was developed by one of the world’s leading doctors in the world of Ketosis.  It has been on the market for four years now and has never been beaten off the top spot by any of its competitors because it is so highly thought of by its consumers.  Prüvit Keto OS has been awarded with the certificate of analysis for purity, consistency, and efficacy.

What is in Prüvit Keto OS that isn’t in other products?

Most weight loss supplements have very few things in them and are often synthetic.  This is absolutely not the case with Prüvit Keto OS.  As an added bonus, they also include a very specific blend of minerals, salts and coconut oil, to provide your body with everything it needs and enable the balance of Ketosis to be kept at a stable level.

Learn more about Prüvit as a company

The Prüvit company is located in Melissa, Texas, and still remains a relatively young company, only opening in 2016.  Prüvit Ventures LLC was set up by three co-founders: Chris Harding, Terry Lacore and Brian Underwood.  Their initial partnership occurred during 2012 with Terry Lacore and Brian Underwood creating Zagify, Inc. in partnership.  This was not the only business venture for Lacore though, as he had already founded multiple other companies, including that of Bhip Global, Inc.  Through Bhip Global, Inc. he got to together with Harding and Underwood to form Purple +, a wellness drink company.  Together, the three entrepreneurs shared their knowledge and created a formula for Prüvit powder drinks.  They become obsessed with creating a successful brand and successful product, with Prüvit Keto OS now being the number one brand for Ketone supplement drinks.  The philosophy behind this venture was based around the phrase “making people better” which was the very reason Prüvit Keto OS weight loss supplements were formed.  They aim to inspire the masses to be the best that they can be, whether that’s another business, a small group or an individual.  They aim to alter the performance of the human being and want this to become possible through the use of Prüvit Keto OS weight loss supplements.

What does Prüvit Keto OS weight loss supplement taste like?

For the first couple of years, this much talked about Keto supplement was only available in Orange Creamsicle flavor.  This was difficult for some consumers as it was thought of as being much too sweet and therefore difficult to drink large quantities of.  Prüvit have listened to the feedback of their consumers and now their weight loss supplement is available in multiple different flavors for you to choose from.  Why not take a look for yourself and see which flavor you fancy trying?  Now the powder is available to purchase in many different taste formats, but the advantages of using the supplement have not been lost or decreased in this process.

Does Prüvit Keto OS work on its own?

Prüvit Keto OS was designed to be used in conjunction with an active lifestyle and a Keto diet.  This is not like your average diet.  There’s no measuring and weighing.  In fact, it’s pretty simple.  It works out at 75% fat, 20% protein, and just 5% carbs.  You can eliminate carbs altogether if you are wanting to speed up the process of reaching the state of ketosis and increase the speed of your weight loss.  That part is optional.

As the word supplement suggests, Prüvit Keto OS weight loss supplement is an aid to helping you to lose weight.  Unfortunately, you cannot just drink the recommended amount of Prüvit supplement first thing in the morning, then sit around all day eating pizza and expect to lose weight.  This will not work.  You must work with the supplement not against it.

Are there different types of Keto diet?

Yes, there are.  The most commonly used and easiest to work with is that of the standard ketogenic diet (SKD).  This is the plan with incredibly low amounts of consumed carbs, just 5%, moderate amounts of consumer protein (20%) and an enormously high volume of fat (75%).  But if this isn’t quite right for you and your lifestyle, there are other variations of Ketogenic diets, including:

  • •    The Cyclical Ketogenic Diet (CKD) – This is where you are able to give your body big doses of carbohydrates at certain times for it to feed off.  This is often compared with the 5:2 diet.  This is because people often have five days of the regular Keto diet and then have two days consecutively where they consume a much higher quantity of carbs;
  • •    The Targeted Ketogenic Diet (TKD) – This is often the favorite plan of the athlete or the hard core gym bunny.  Through using this variation of the regular Keto diet, you are able to factor in more carbohydrates in relation to your workout regime.  Often this is said to increase the energy levels, recuperation time and heighten the blood sugar;
  • •   Finally, The High-Protein Ketogenic Diet (PKD) – This is a routine which does not alter in its carb quantities, but instead sticks very similarly to the regular Keto diet.  It differs, as its title suggests, by its ratio of the food groups.  The most used ratio for this version of the Keto diet is where fats are reduced to 60% and protein is increased to 35%.  The amount of carbohydrates remain static.

Why should I lose weight?

Losing weight is a good thing to do with only 30% of American apparently being of the desired weight or less for their height.  It is clear from this statistic that you are not on your own, so do not feel that way.  If you think you should lose weight and want an incentive or two as to what weight loss can do for your health, just keep on reading:

If you have diabetes or are concerned that you will acquire diabetes, then long-term weight loss is essential.  This occurs when cells in your body become insulin resistant, even though enough insulin can be produced.  Losing weight will, therefore, decrease your risk of developing type 2 diabetes, the most serious but most common within obese people.

You have the power to make your heart healthier.  Excess weight puts excess pressure on your heart.  This will mean that you are at high risk of heart-related problems, such as coronary heart disease, heart attacks, strokes, and high blood pressure.  The Journal of the American College of Cardiology published a report stating that people that were overweight risked dying from a heart-related disease on average 12 years before people of the correct weight and BMI.

The C word.  Sadly, it’s a common household word now, but as a nation we aren’t doing much to help ourselves when it comes to cancer.  Being overweight can bring on many different types of cancers, but we are only going to name a few for you to have a think about.  Let’s take endometrial cancer.  If a woman is overweight or medically classed as being obese, she is four times as likely to suffer from this.  This logic also relates to breast cancer in women because fat produces oestrogen, and having more fat produces too much oestrogen.  Post-cancer recovery is a lot fast and more successful in people of healthy weight.  It is scary to think that the W.H.O. have estimated that between a quarter and a third of cancer cases worldwide are because of weight excess and activity deficits.


If you have been spurred on to lose weight or have gathered all of the information you were looking for, why not think about giving Prüvit Keto OS weight loss supplements a go today.  Just by making a few healthy lifestyle choices, you can absolutely alter your weight, body and your health future.  Decisions like this are in your hands, but with Prüvit Keto OS as your weight loss aid, dieting just became a whole lot easier, maintainable and excuse-proof.  So, order your favorite flavor of Prüvit Keto OS supplement, think about how you can undertake a Keto friendly diet and start being more active.  The combination of these three things will leave you feeling fabulous!

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