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PhenQ vs Phen375 – Whats the difference?

In the pursuit of weight loss and then weight management there are so many supplements to choose from that it can become an overwhelming task to pick which is the best. A number of the most popular brands that can be prescribed by physicians contain Phentermine which is a substance similar to an amphetamine. This acts as an appetite suppressor and if used in tandem with a diet plan and exercise regime, has a proven track record when it comes to assisting in weight loss. Such is its chemical make-up however, as well as having some weight loss benefits it can also lead to general health problems, especially if used for lengthy periods of time. It can, in rare cases, affect the central nervous system for example, and can also cause heart problems.

Its not for everyone, so be careful!

Phen is dangerous for pregnant or people with drug abuse problems

It is not recommended for consumption by pregnant or breastfeeding females, anyone aiming to get pregnant, people with a history of drug abuse, heart problems or glaucoma. Oh, and if you drink any kind of alcohol while using any supplement containing phentermine, then that can cause big problems as well! So whilst there are obvious benefits to taking this form of supplement, there seems to be a lot that might at the same time make us quite fearful of using them. Wouldn’t it be great then if we could find a similar supplement that contained only natural compounds but pretty much served the same purpose of those Phentamine based brands but with none of the nasty stuff to worry about?

This where PhenQ and Phen375 come in. These are two over the counter diet supplements that many people say have the same qualities as brands that contain Phentermine but they themselves do not contain the potentially harmful compound. Instead, both are constructed from natural and organic ingredients that have no side effects when used as part of a diet and excercise plan. They are approved by the FDA and need no doctors permission to be taken and are also widely recognised as being highly successful at promoting weight loss and reducing body fat. But which is the best one? The ideal way to find out is a PhenQ v Phen375 review, so here we go.

Let's start with PhenQ

In this Phen375 v PhenQ review we will kick off with some facts concerning PhenQ. Firstly we can deal with the list of no no’s earlier by revealing that PhenQ can be taken by anybody. Anyone wanting to lose weight can benefit from its use and such is its safety record, you do not need a Doctor’s prescription to get it. There have been no recorded side effects and despite so many people using this supplement there have been absolutely no reported complications. In other words, it’s way safer than Phentermine!

How does PhenQ works?

PhenQ works, it is as simple as that. Some people using PhenQ have described how they have lost eight to ten pounds in the first month which is quite an achievement as any seasoned dieter will tell you. PhenQ reduces body fat in all areas of the body allowing for a transformation process that will leave you sculpted and flab free. This is because it works in a similar way to Phentermine based products in that it as well as being an appetite suppressor, it also burns fat. The natural ingredients in PhenQ speed up your metabolism and keep it fired up meaning you start to burn fat more speedily and keep on shedding those pounds as long as you keep taking it. Prolonged use of PhenQ presents no problems either, so you can easily keep your new shape and even continue working out to buff it right up.

PhenQ prevents you from regaining  weight

When using PhenQ the results not only come faster than when using brands containing Phentermine, the effects also last longer. PhenQ not only helps you to lose weight it also prevents you from regaining it as its properties also inhibits our body cells ability to create more fat which in turn stops it building up and causing us to gain weight.

In all, PhenQ is pretty special but as this is PhenQ v Phen375 comparison, we should now see just how well Phen375 matches up.

Now that you know about PhenQ, let's move on to Phen375

Phen375 is also FDA approved and has been around for roughly Eight years. Originally marketed as an alternative to Phentermine it quickly adopted its own unique identity as not only a weight loss supplement but as a supplement that not only helped people lose the pounds, but made sure they did so in an extremely healthy way.  This is what sets it apart from not only prescription brands, but other natural weight loss supplements as well.

What's Phen375?

Phen375 takes a month to see results

Phen375 is a weight loss supplement that is designed to carve excess weight from your body, resulting in a slimmer and more toned physique by targeting fat throughout the frame rather than focussing on the belly or legs for example. Phen375 does this so efficiently that is has garnered a reputation for helping to shed a minimum of eight pounds with the first month of use.  Phentermine based drugs are generally only issued when the patient is severely overweight and as we saw earlier, come with a significant amount of use. Phen375 however, can be used by anybody and is readily available over the counter. You don’t need to be morbidly obese to benefit from or use Phen375. Just need to lose a little to look your best on the beach? Only want to shed a few pounds to get into that dress for a special occasion? Stat taking Phen375 and your goals will be hit in weeks. And of course, keep on taking Phen375 and combine It with a diet plan and exercise regime and you could be buff and toned in a way you have never imagined was possible. There are no health risks associated with taking Phen375 unlike synthetic supplements thanks to it being composed of totally natural compounds. This means you can lose weight and get healthy with no worries about harmful side effects. We also done a very detailed  review of Phen375, and all the ingredients it's made of and the diet plan that works with it.

How does Phen375 work and helps with losing weight?

Phen375 works as an appetite suppressor, fat burner and metabolism booster. So in the PhenQ v Phen375 challenge, these benefits mean in this area, it’s a draw. Like PhenQ Phen375 boosts the metabolism meaning calories burn off more quickly. It also acts as an appetite suppressant meaning you will not want to eat as much so in tandem with a calorie controlled diet the fat will fall off. And it will stay off as Phen375 discourages fat production meaning the body will not be able to stock up on fat leading to a leaner and fitter body. This multi-pronged attack means Phen375 assists you from all angles in achieving and maintaining that perfect weight.

Unlike Phentermine, Phen375 can be used for prolonged lengths of time so not only will it help you to lose weight, you can safely carry on taking it as you work towards the body type you desire without fear of side effects or addiction.

Side effects of PhenQ and Phen375

Before we judge how the Phen375 v PhenQ review has turned out lets first compare how the two natural supplements stack up against the synthetic Phentermine versions. Firstly and perhaps most importantly neither Phen product has any side effects as both contain only natural ingredients. Phentermine however suffers a litany of harmful by-products and, unlike PhenQ and Phen375, its use is not recommended for a large swathe of people. Give it it’s due though, products that contain Phentermine are hugely effective and the amount of weight lost by those who use it is usually a good deal more than the Phen versions, that said you have to look at the potential costs to your health in form of the aforementioned side effects. Better to wait a little longer for the results than gamble with your very well being for the sake of a week or twos improvement can be the only track to take here it must be suggested. 

Because you can take Phen375 and PhenQ for as long as you may wish the weight will stay off, whereas with Phentermine based products you are restricted to the length of its use so if your will power should fail you, you may see yourself gaining weight again once your supply is terminated.  So, both PhenQ and Phen375 come out well on top when matched up against pharma created Phentermine supplements.

In Conclusion

PhenQ vs Phen375  conclusion

How did the Phen375 v PhenQ contest turn out then? Well, we have to call it a draw and in all honesty say there is very little to choose between the two. PhenQ may allow you to shed a pound or two more than its rival but in return, Phen375 has ever so slightly broader health benefits. At the end of the day it may well be down to which product particularly suits you. We are all built a little differently and in all forms of healthcare one treatment may work better for one person that it does for another and with these supplements it may very well be the same case, so an initial amount of testing might be called for.

 To sum up, in the world of diet supplements and in particular a PhenQ V Phen375 situation there isn’t too much dividing the two. Both are efficient, perfectly safe and can continue to benefit you long after you have lost the weight you were looking to get rid of. When weighed up against supplements that include Phentermine in their list of ingredients, PhenQ and Phen375 win hands down as being safer, almost as efficient and suitable for long term use by anyone.

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