How to use Perfect Keto Supplements

How To Use Perfect Keto: In-Depth Review

For a long time now, experts and specialists have been coming up with a variety of different dieting techniques and systems to help us lose weight, stay fit and keep trim. A vegan or vegetarian diet is familiar to us all and just about everyone has heard of the Atkins plan, add to these examples the raw food, zone, south beach, and 5:2 diets, and it is easy to see why people get confused about which plan is best for them, and that doesn’t even scratch the surface when it comes to  naming all of the diets which are available out there. No wonder then that when it comes to choosing which diet is best for them, people sometimes feel overloaded with information and sometimes frustratedly abandoned research is as far as they get into attempting to lose weight and buff up. So, it is a good thing that over recent years a type of diet has emerged that has had both experts and layman alike singing its praises and is basically quite simple and easy to follow.

What is the Ketogenic diet ?

The Ketogenic Diet, or as more often called the Keto Diet, is a sensible and satisfying system that those who follow it excitedly say it has actually changed their lives, such is its ability in helping them shed the pounds, keep in shape as well as leaving them feeling a great deal fitter and healthier than they ever have been previously. The diet on its own is excellent but like just about everything in life, it can benefit from a little assistance and this is where Perfect Keto comes in.

What is Perfect Keto?

Perfect Keto is a base that is developed from top quality beta hydroxy-butyrate (BHB), contains no additives or needless fillers and it assists greatly in allowing you achieve a state of ketosis and boosts your chances of remaining in that state.

Ok, if you are not familiar with the Keto diet and more specifically the science it is based upon, then right now, after reading that last sentence I can almost see the “What the heck?” look on your face as it probably made next to no sense to you at all. And that is perfectly understandable and merely illustrates the point that in order to appreciate the benefits of Perfect Keto when it is taken as part of your dieting routine, you have to understand how the Keto diet actually works.

So, before explaining how using Perfect Keto is the perfect complement to the Keto diet itself, let’s take a little time to look into just how the Keto diet works and why so many people are finding it the ideal weight loss solution.

How does the Keto diet work?

Food for Keto Diet

The Keto diet is a high protein, low-carb diet that as well as assisting people to lose weight, has many health benefits to boot. As well as helping you achieve your ideal mass and giving you a body that you can hone into something to be proud of, a good deal of research has revealed the ketos diets health improving properties as well. Over a dozen studies have demonstrated that sticking to a Keto diet may even benefit sufferers of Alzheimer’s, epilepsy, diabetes and even cancer. So, people who aren’t too concerned with their weight would still benefit from changing what they eat as the Keto diet isn’t all just about weight loss. It is a way of life, a fundamental change in how you treat your body and how you start giving it the respect it deserves. After all, it is the only one you’ve got!

The crux of the matter is that the Keto diet works by reducing the carbohydrates which we use to fuel ourselves and this forces the body to substitute those carbs with fat – very much like the Atkins diet it has to be said. In doing this we induce our metabolism into what is called a state of ketosis and when this occurs the body is forced into using fat for its energy supply as it can no longer call on those carbohydrates that we have stopped eating. Simultaneously it coverts fat into ketones via the liver which is beneficial to the brain in that it increases its energy and therein our ability to concentrate, deal with problems and can also greatly improve mood. A keto diet can also greatly reduce insulin and blood sugar levels massively lessening the risk of diabetes, a widespread condition related to obesity and that is a known killer.

Using Perfect Keto with the Ketogenic Diet

Compliment Perfect Keto with Keto Diet

Before moving on it is worth pointing out that the Perfect Keto supplement can be used as a compliment to a Keto Diet as it contains no carbohydrates or sugars, and after reading the above, we now know why that is such a good thing! But what Perfect Keto is specifically designed to do is assist the liver in the production of those Ketones by raising blood ketone levels and this in turn boosts not only our fitness levels, but also our mental clarity and overall well-being.

So, a Keto diet is a great way to not only lose weight but can also help protect yourself from illness. Something like a low-fat diet may help you to lose the flab but it takes such a long time, is hard work, involves counting calories and watching what you eat to an almost obsessive degree, and worse yet, has none of the benefits to your health that the keto diet provides. Neither is planning a keto diet is that difficult, once you figure out which carbohydrates to avoid and those foods which are abundant in those bad carbs, then you can start losing those pounds, and, with the introduction of Perfect Keto into your regime, start to feel like a new you.

As previously explained, with the drastic reduction of carbohydrates in a Keto diet, something is needed to take up the mantle of providing the bodies main energy source and that something is proteins. The following is a list of high protein, low carb (zero in most cases) staples that must be a part of your Keto diet.

  • Fish
  • Eggs
  • Lean beef
  • Pork and bacon
  • Fatty nuts and seeds
  • Avocado
  • Cheese
  • Cream cheese and olive oil
  • Salted butter
  • Heavy and sour cream

And there are many others, but this list should demonstrate that there are a great number of delicious foodstuffs that can be used in a Keto diet and with some imagination – or a recipe book! – there is no reason why your daily meals shouldn’t always be mouth-watering and delicious.

How long does it take to achieve Ketosis?

Everyone's body is different in how it metabolises and goes about its daily business but for most people achieving ketosis takes about two days as long as you are consuming less than twenty grams of fat a day. It is almost impossible to avoid carbs altogether as they do appear in small amounts in tea and coffee for example and whilst we may want to start looking and feeling better, we don’t want to give up absolutely everything we enjoy and just end up miserable, so a small amount of carbs is admissible. Two days is the average length of time it takes for the body to enter ketosis after starting the diet. As said, because people vary in their make-up, so it may be quicker or conversely, take longer for each individual. Some folk however, have huge difficulty in shifting into a ketosis state and this is where Perfect Keto can help.

Why is exercise needed through the Keto Diet?

During any diet exercise it is of vital importance and naturally speeds up weight loss progress. On beginning the keto diet, it is a great idea to start a fitness regime right away, not just because you are going to naturally benefit from it, but also because when you exercise you use up your bodies store of glycogen which because it uses carbs to replenish itself, becomes scarce. The body responds by releasing ketones as a stand in and this in turn can push you into a state of ketosis. Sometimes though, even this isn’t enough, and people still struggle to get into a ketosis state and this is where Perfect Keto comes in. Perfect Keto raises blood ketone levels which in turn improves athletic performance, so you can get rid of that glycogen quickly and efficiently. These raised levels of ketone will also sharpen your thinking and give you an all-round energy boost.

No Cheat-days! 

Cheatdays will set you back

Another scenario where perfect Keto is of great benefit is after a slip up or in a situation where the temptation to fall off the keto wagon is simply too much. We have all been there, we’ve all done it. Usually the culprit is a wedding reception or a birthday party or, rather more grimly, a wake. The food at those occasions is nearly always sandwiches, pastries, cake and biscuits; pretty much everything you’ve been avoiding for the last goodness knows how long. And we say to ourselves, ‘well its just a cheat day’ (even though there are no cheat days on a keto diet) or ‘I’ve earned it’ or some other such equally poor justification so we can guiltlessly gorge ourselves senseless on the goodies surrounding us. Well, there are a number of reasons why this such a bad idea; for one thing you will feel sick after eating so much heavy and dry pastries and sweet desserts as the shock of gorging on these stodgy, carb and sugar filled treats hits your system.

The next day you will feel groggy and slow, it will feel like the blood in your veins has thickened and its finding it hard to travel around your body without having to make a great effort. This is because you have undone all the good work you have been doing and it is guaranteed you will be greatly regretting eating all that stuff yesterday. And worst of all? You are no longer in Ketosis. That’s right, it is much, much quicker to come out of ketosis state than to get into it. How long does it take then? About the time it takes to eat two sandwiches and a slice of chocolate cake. Actually, it takes about an hour, but you can see the point that is trying to be made here?

What to do if you are in that situation

When you find yourself in a situation like the one just mentioned you shouldn’t beat yourself up about it, as admitted, we’ve all been there, but you do need to get back into a state of ketosis, so you can now again turn to Perfect Keto to come to your rescue as it quickly raises those ketone levels and efficiently returns you to a ketosis state. A beaker of Perfect Keto, thirty minutes on the treadmill or a jog round the park and you are on the way to being up and running again, quite literally. Your clarity, mental focus and productivity levels will all be greatly increased, and you will probably swear to never eat another slice chocolate cake ever again..

Learn more about the Perfect Keto Company

Perfect Keto is doctor approved and is designed to support your metabolism as it remains in its ketosis state. It helps in supressing the appetite dampening the craving for the carb laden foods our body is accustomed to and also helps us focus more on that which we yearn to achieve. Perfect Keto is best taken in the morning and on an empty stomach. Ideally before a workout as it will increase your performance, but you can also take it any time during the day to boost those ketone levels and overall feeling of well-being.

Perfect Keto’s BHB ketones can be easily mixed with any low carb drink, such as coconut milk, almond milk, coffee or shakes. If you have not tried exogenous ketones before then it is highly advised that you do not take them raw. Because Perfect Keto contains no additives, fillings, or gums, it tastes absolutely awful when consumed in its own right. It isn’t designed to be nice, Perfect Keto is designed to work, and work to the highest optimal standard. So, despite trying to overcome the sour taste of raw ketones by blending in five natural ingredients to create five different flavors;

All Perfect Keto Flavours
  • Peach
  • Vanilla
  • Chocolate
  • Coffee
  • Salted caramel

because the Perfect Keto people hate to use synthetic chemicals to flavor their drinks, you might still detect a slightly bitter and tangy after taste, although it will not be as anywhere near as hideous as taking the product raw. At the end of the day isn’t a little tang worth the results achieved when using Perfect Keto compared to the chemicals and additives you will find if you read the labels on other BHB products, chemicals and additives that can actually hinder the process of entering the state of ketosis?

How to test if you are in Ketosis State

You can test to see if Perfect Keto has shifted you into a state of ketosis by purchasing ketone sticks from your local pharmacy. These are small plastic strips with a cotton pad on one end. It is recommended to deposit some urine into a beaker and then dip the strip in as urinating directly on to it can wash away the chemical designed to detect ketone. After fifteen seconds the strip will turn whichever color suits your bodies current position – it will either test negative or positive for ketones with varying degrees of its presence signified by the depth of color to one extreme or the other. If you find there is still too little ketone in your result which shows you are not in a state of ketosis then it’s back to exercise along with a glass of your secret weapon, Perfect Keto.

Who created Perfect Keto?

Creator of Perfect Keto

Although relatively new to the nutrition market, Perfect Keto was formulated by Dr Anthony Gustin who is a certified sports chiropractor and a functional medicine provider. Dr Gustin has spent many years working with injured athlete’s and realised that one of the main components in returning a damaged body to full health is nutrition and he created Perfect Keto with that in mind. So, when you are drinking your Perfect Keto shake be aware that you are using a nutritional supplement also used by NFL, MLB and NBA champions. Not bad company to be in keeping with!

Let's see what customers say about Perfect Keto

A mighty number of people are using Perfect Keto and the positive reviews they leave wherever they purchase it number thousands. Here are just a few:

“I have tried multiple brands of ketones Perfect Keto by far is the best in terms of taste and effect. I mix mine with 12 oz of water and make sure it's iced cold and sip on it over an hour..
I have lost 12.5 lbs in 30 days with it.” – Amazon customer.

“I read that a lot of the available supplements taste awful and this one doesn't taste awful. But don't go into it expecting it to taste like a peach pie. :-)” – Amazon customer

“This is the best tasting ketone supplement I’ve had! Perfect Keto raises my ketone levels quickly and isn’t super gross like some of the other products that I’ve tried. I just wish there were more servings in a tub! For people who are new to the ketogenic diet, this company's website has tons of helpful info. Would highly recommend! Thank you Perfect Keto!!” – LoriG

“Works really fast. Perfect Keto gives me lots of energy! My ketones raised from 0.5 to 4.0 one hour after drinking it” – Annette

“This is the Absolute Best Product in the Market. Don't waste your time with others, the effects are useless. I slipped at a Holiday Party and within 30 mins was back on track. Perfect Keto does exactly as expected. I was averaging 15mg (generic strips-1.47) and after taking a Perfect Keto my numbers boosted to 80mg/7.84 just sitting at my desk working. Love this product.” Scott

The following gentleman posted a review on Amazon saying that although Perfect Keto worked wonderfully and he loved the vanilla and caramel flavors, on trying the vanilla range he found he just couldn’t drink it as it was not at all to his taste – hours after posting his original comment he wrote this:

“Just hours after I posted this review, Perfect Keto issued me a full refund. I Love these people! While I stand by this review, I also stand by this company. They really care about their customers. As I mentioned previously, I Love the Chocolate MCT Oil Powder (I'm on my second order of that) and I highly recommend it and I highly recommend Perfect Keto as a company. 5 Start for Perfect Keto Customer Service.”

As you can see people are delighted with Perfect Keto as it works so well in conjunction with a ketogenic diet. Not only are they delighted with Perfect Keto as a product but as a company and it is comforting to know that should anything go amiss, there are people waiting to quickly and professionally put things right.

Exogenous Ketones

Simply counting calories is really just a method of feeling hungry all of the time. A sensible and well thought out regime combining diet, exercise and tried and tested supplements is a far superior method of shedding pounds and toning up those muscles. Perfect Keto is the ideal compliment to your daily workout and meal plan. If you use the testing strips on a regular basis to monitor your levels of ketones, you can then use Perfect Keto as a kind of fine tuner that you take regularly but by way drinking a ‘top up’, can also use to rectify drop-in ketone levels in the blood should the strips indicate that this is happening.


Perfect keto is one hundred per cent safe and has been through extensive clinical tests and trials. It is readily available online, so it is worth shopping around to get the best deal, but Amazon generally has the most competitive prices and the greatest stock which leads to an important point. You should always be aware of how much Perfect Keto you have to hand. Reaching for the container and finding just a few smudges of powder at the bottom means you need to order some more, and you need it fast. That might mean having to pay extra for next day delivery or having to wait a day or two for it to arrive and in that time your ketone levels could easily fall so that by the time your new supply arrives, you might need to put even more effort into maintaining your state of ketosis.

So don’t cheat, don’t run out of powder, stick to your diet and with the help of Perfect Keto you will remain in that vital state of ketosis. Happy dieting!

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