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Organifi Red Juice Review

Being an effective juicer nowadays appears to be quite the norm! We’ve even seen posts on social media relating to juice themed parties where everyone can get involved! Organifi is a name that and avid juice enthusiast will recognize, especially if you have purchased any of their previous products, which includes the highly popular Green Juice: a superfood powder that benefits lay in its ability to lower stress levels courtesy of an ingredient known as adaptogen ashwagandha.

Today we are going to be discussing the next color in their series of apparent rainbow themed products, we are of course talking about the Organifi Red Juice. In many ways, this product is similar to its green counterpart, although the company promises alternate results when consuming this powder. In the marketing for this product, Organifi promises a lot, which might have worked to their detriment.

The benefits of this one appear to be more focused on the metabolism of the individual, as well as counter-aging approaches. If you look on the site for this product, you’ll see that they promise fat melting at alarming rates, but how reliable truly is this product? Let’s find out…


Firstly, allow us to take a moment to go over the nutritional elements of this product so that we can gain a better understanding of its fat burning elements. Burning fat can be a rather difficult task in general, so whenever these products promise effective fat burning techniques, we can't help but feel skeptical. In each scoop of Red Juice, there are around 30 calories, all of which stem from the carbohydrates found within. In each scoop you’ll find:

  • 7 Grams of Carbs
  • 1 Gram of Sugar
  • 2.4 Grams of Fibre
  • 5 Milligrams of Sodium

You’ll find a lot of Vitamin B12 within each scoop, found mostly within certain pre-workout supplements. This vitamin contains essential fat burning qualities while also supporting blood, nerve and brain health generally. If you take gym supplements, then the likelihood of you having consumed Vitamin B12 is very high. In terms of other vitamins, there are none, which is quite strange as you’d have thought that there’d be a lot more if they are going to follow through with their promises.

What's inside organifi red juice


Organifi promises that each ingredient involved within this product is organic, which is definitely beneficial to those who are worried about these sorts of issues tainting their juices. We’d say that these are vegan-friendly, but we aren’t a hundred-per-cent on this one, so you might want to try something else that has the right seals on the container. The ingredients here can be found in other common supplements on the market. Ingredients used here include some of the following:

Antioxidant Berry Blend: 

Metabolic Boosting Blend:

  • Pomegranate juice powder
  • Cranberry powder
  • Blueberry juice powder
  • Raspberry powder
  • Strawberry powder
  • Acai juice powder
  • Rhodiola powder
  • Siberian ginseng powder.


Endurance Blend:

  • Natural berry acai flavor
  • Malic acid
  • Monk fruit extract flavor.
  • Beet root powder
  • Cordyceps powder
  • Reishi mushroom extract.

Artichoke Inulin

This product, in particular, has been split into three proprietary blends, so having an idea on the weight of each ingredient is impossible on our end, but you at least have an idea on what sorts of elements make up this powder. You can never be too careful with these sorts of products, so if you find that your body has an adverse reaction to any of these ingredients, you might want to consider avoiding this one.

What's the benefit of Organifi Red Juice

How beneficial is this product?

So now that we've dissected this product, it's time to start discussing the effectiveness of the proposed benefits thoroughly. Organifi promise three distinct advantages to this product: anti-aging, boosts in your metabolism and nootropics so we will mark their product using these effects. We were somewhat disappointed with this product, to be honest, but this should make itself clear once you read our findings below!


Antioxidants, in general, have been known to help reduce cellular damage caused by oxygen. Remember that the gas oxygen is vital in our respiratory systems, but it can cause the metal to rust also. You’ll find that the antioxidants reside mostly within the berry blend ingredient, an ingredient which provides the taste element of the juice.

Antioxidants can be found within most supplements that you can take — we should state at this juncture that the number of antioxidants in each product will not increase the effectiveness of the product in question. In fact, too much can prove to be quite dangerous. Studies have shown that, at high concentrations, antioxidants can begin to have the opposite effect, acting more like pro-oxidants as a result. It’s quite funny, the marketing for this product has it sounding like the fountain of youth in juice-form, one highlight states that you’ll “never forget a friends name.”

We often run into the same questions when it comes to antioxidants. People believe that these products are instantaneous, and you will wake up the next day looking completely rejuvenated, making you appear younger, as a result, this is not the case at all. Damaged, or aged skin, will very rarely regain the same elasticity that it once had, all you are doing is delaying the processes that will cause your skin to wrinkle faster.

Organifi Red Juic provides Metabolism Boost

Metabolism Boost 

As far as the boosts to your metabolism are concerned, we noticed little to no difference in the way that we’d process our foods as normal. We tested this product amongst ourselves at the office. Our diets consisted of all the base elements, such as our five fruits and vegetables, with some of us having a little bit more protein in our diets. On paper, having an influx of protein in your diet and drinking these juices should help you shed the fat off right? In this case, we found protein shakes and other pre/post workouts to be a lot more effective.

Organifi cites a study conducted on rats who consumed blueberries and began to gain metabolic-related benefits. The rats had 10% of their diet with blueberries in it, and since we don’t know the precise measurements of the blueberry juice used in here, it’s pretty safe to say that this acts as more of a placebo than the real deal.

If you are going to test out this theory, then we’d highly recommend that you conduct some form of physical exercise as you go about consuming this product. You will not burn fat otherwise. Your metabolism works hand in hand with your physical state, the more pressure you add from your workouts, the better the results you’ll get. We’d rather take a proper workout supplement than this juice to be honest if we were going for boosts in our metabolism.


Otherwise known as smart drugs or cognitive enhancers, Nootropics are known to help increase your focus and reaction times when consumed. It is unknown where Organifi gets their information from in regard to which ingredients they believe will help in their powder. Often caffeine will be used to help your attentiveness, but there is no caffeine here. 

Creatine is one of the most common nootropics out in the market presently, so if you are consuming these juices alongside a workout plan, then you will probably find that creatine comes with lasting effects that are a lot better than the juice in question. There is not a lot of information on just how much of each ingredient is used in this juice. It could be a case where Organifi is simply stating they have an ingredient that has these qualities, but there is so little of it that it wouldn’t cause significant results.

Whether or not you feel a lot more focused will depend entirely on your mood at that given point in time we noticed. None of us testing this product found this juice to help with our attentiveness, again, this is more of a placebo than an actual effect caused by this product. We’d suggest making a cup of coffee or finding an alternative product if you want to feel more attentive.

The Verdict 

It would definitely help this product a lot more if we were to know where they are getting their information from. They promise so much, yet deliver on so little. Their green juice is a lot better at doing what it says it will than this one. The fact that there is no information regarding the dosages of the ingredients is disappointing also, as you might be taking a big risk taking this if you happen to have certain dietary requirements.

Overall, we’d have to say that this product acts more like a placebo than an actual help to anyone trying to lose weight or stay focused. There is a tonne of products out in the market presently that are a lot better at helping you with your metabolism and anti-aging than this one. Want to make the right purchase? Look elsewhere, trust us.

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