Lean Belly Breakthrough Review

Lean Belly Breakthrough Review

We recently heard about the Lean Belly Breakthrough weight loss program through a friend of ours who had tried it. He had some great things to say about it, so we decided that we would check up on the product ourselves.

The “breakthrough” is a secret 2-minute ritual that claims to allow users to lose 9-pounds in three days and 30-pounds in a month. In addition to the ritual, the book contains plenty of nutrition information so that the users can begin to incorporate a healthy diet into their lives.


The Lean Belly Breakthrough program is centered primarily around using the ritual combined with healthy habits to which combat belly fat and all of it’s associated side effects. This program is not a specialized diet or a workout plan, although it does suggest daily activity and a healthy diet.

Now let’s break everything down and go into all the juicy details!

The Creators

The Lean Belly Breakthrough was created by two partners; Dr. Heinrick and Bruce Krahn. They wanted to make a weight loss program that could help middle-aged individuals to live, happier, healthier lives.

Bruce Krahn

Bruce Krahn is a Canadian citizen but has been a big name in Hollywood since 1995; he’s trained celebrities, cheerleaders, and famous athletes alike. He is an expert nutritionist and a skilled personal trainer. He’s but in tens of thousands of hours helping his clients achieve top-tier fitness results.

Bruce Krahn

Because of his reputation, he has even had a chance to work with figures such as Tom Cochrane, Criss Angel, and Nelly Furtado. He is also the author of The Fat-Fighter Diet, which was widely regarded as one of the best nutrition books on the market when it was first published in 2007.

Since then Bruce has been on and off several news outlets. Today, he operates primarily out of his hometown of Toronto, helping clients in and around the city. Bruce also offers online fitness training and nutritional advice.

The Story Behind The Breakthrough

The story as to how this 2-minute ritual was created and the creators first met is quite interesting. Bruce Krahn, and his father-in-law, Dan, were all on the same flight when suddenly Dan started to have a heart attack mid-air.

Thankfully, there was a doctor aboard the flight! Dr. Heinrick performed his special ritual, and Bruce’s father-in-law was saved not a moment too late.

One month later, Bruce’s father in law had lost a significant amount of belly fat and claimed that he was felt ten years younger. Bruce knew that there had to be more to the story, and called up the good doctor. Shortly after, the two partners developed a full program focused around Dr. Heinrick’s life-saving technique.

A Look At The Content

  • comprehensive blueprint that will keep you on track, and set long-term goals.
  • A list of high cholesterol foods that have been known to trigger heart attacks. This is great to print out and keep around the kitchen whenever you’re cooking or to bring with you on grocery shopping trips.
  • A list of healthy foods that you should be eating. These are low cholesterol and have been known to reduce belly fat and promote a healthy heart.
Healthy Foods
  • A full list of healthy desserts that are great for those suffering from diabetes. Every diet needs some variety!
  • A booklet describing all of the major signs of heart disease. This will help you to treat heart problems and prevent heart attacks before they happen.
  • Heinrick’s exclusive method for spot reducing fat, that teaches you how to target trouble areas such as the love handles and thighs.
  • An educational review on all of the various foods, spices, herbs, additive chemicals, and even hormones that are responsible for storing stubborn belly fat and negatively affecting your weight loss goals.
  • A how-to guide to hacking your sleeping pattern. Your sleep pattern has a significant effect on your ability to lose weight. This will teach you how to utilize your body’s natural circadian rhythm to maximize fat loss.
  • A daily activity guide that teaches you how to burn off twice the fat. This will show you little tweaks you can do during your daily routine to increase fat burning.
  • Bruce Krahn’s award-winning “60-second shred” workout that is guaranteed to get your core tight and firm within two weeks. It’s a Pilates-based ab workout that even older people with joint pain can do with ease.
  • Easy to fill in tracking sheets that let you keep on top of all the progress you make during your weight loss journey.
  • A full list of foods that are beneficial to your libido and will boost your sex drive to the next level.

What We Like About Lean Belly Breakthrough

Overall this program is excellent. It will teach you everything that you need to know about eating clean, making healthy choices, and keeping your heart as healthy as it can be. If you’re doing all of these things correctly, then naturally your belly fat will decrease as well!

It Can Work For Anybody

Although the product is more specifically marketed towards middle-aged people in their 40’s and 50’s, we think that this product could work well for any demographic. Lean Belly isn’t a crazy diet or workout plan.

It Can Work For Anybody

It’s mostly just a series of rules and advice, combined with some particular “ritual” that is designed to help you lose weight. Both teenagers and older folks alike could benefit from following a healthier, low-cholesterol style of diet.

The Program Is Easy To Follow

There’s an old saying that goes, “the best diet is the one that’s the easiest to follow.” This program is straightforward to adhere to because it isn’t, in fact, a diet. The only thing it involves is a 2-minute ritual that can be done at any time of the day.

Aside from that, the program just encourages users to maintain a healthy level of activity for their hearts and to eat a nutritious diet. The nutrition plan is full of delicious, healthy foods that you won’t make you choose between bland food and fatty food. After sticking to this diet for a while, you will love the healthy eating it promotes.


There are far too many diet programs and workouts in the world today. The honest truth is that most of them are complete nonsense. They’re made by want-to-be fitness trainers and people who have no real-world experience in the industry. They’ve never helped people in their lives before. The only reason that they’re there is to make a few dollars off of susceptible people.

Lean Belly Breakthrough, however, was created by Dr. Heinrick and the legendary Bruce Krahn. Krahn’s reputation precedes him almost everywhere that he goes. He’s had a history of results, and that’s what matters most.

Backed By A 60-Day Money Back Guarantee

Dr. Heinrick and Krahn believe in their program so much that they’ve even backed it with a 60-day, no questions asked guarantee. That means if you don’t like it, or aren’t seeing the results that you expect to be seeing, you can return it for a full refund. This program is designed for users to achieve long-term success with and is not a “get skinny fast” fad.

Most shady dealers won’t stand behind their products with this much certainty and offer little to nothing when it comes to returns. This is because they know what they’re selling is nonsense, and is going to be of no value to you in the long run.

This Program Targets The Real Problem

Most fitness and diet programs out there are designed for short-term success. They require you to cut out carbs, workout for 20 hours a week, and make other drastic changes. While these changes can give you quick results, they’re hard to keep up with.

Because they’re so hard to keep up with, we often see users fall right back into their old ways. As soon as their finished with their program, they stop the diet and regular exercise, and within 30 days they’re all the way back to step one.

lose fat

Lean Belly Breakthrough seeks to show people a long-term solution. There are no insane workouts or highly-restrictive diets. They want you to lose fat the healthy, natural way. This is why they have such a high success rate.

The food recommendations are easy to stick with and allow you to still eat plenty of tasty food. This is a program that you could stick with for years and not grow tired of.

What We Didn’t Like About Lean Belly Breakthrough

While this is a great program overall, it wouldn’t be an honest review without a few flaws. While we don’t think that they’re necessarily deal breakers, they are worth considering before you make your purchase.

Exaggerated Advertisement

In today’s world, people seek exaggerated results. Everybody wants the quick way out. They all seek instant gratification. Because of this, the Lean Belly marketing team made some pretty bold claims, such as 9-lb per week and 30-lb per month fat loss.

While these drastic numbers could be accomplished in some rare cases, they’re still feasible to real people, especially not the middle-aged population this program is targeting. To lose that much weight per week, users would have to be following the diet with a strict regimen and be workout out for hours a day.

While we understand that marketing in this day and age requires extreme exaggeration to achieve success, it is nonetheless a little misleading. A more accurate promotion would have said something along the lines of “lose up to 2-lbs a week and 8-lbs a month,” which is entirely achievable, and is also a healthy goal. Losing 9-lbs a week is usually considered unhealthy by most doctors.

There’s No Hard Copy

We live in a digital age where everything is downloaded onto our iPads, smartphones, and computers. People rarely pick up books anymore. Digital media is also a lot less expensive to produce than traditional paper copies are.

However, there is something about having a physical book in hand that just feels good. It’s almost unexplainable and doesn’t make sense, but when you have a physical hard copy, it tends to be a lot easier to open up and remember.

Considering that this book is marketed to middle-aged individuals who didn’t grow up with the digital screens of today, it would be nice to see a physical print edition. You can, however, print out all the worksheets and pages should you desire.


Remember at the beginning of the article we said that we gave some copies to a group of friends to test out? Let’s check up on how they fared.

The results that our friends got from this product were quite decent! Of course, as we expected, they didn’t lose 9-lbs a week, but they did average to lose 1 to 3-lbs per week, which is nothing to laugh at. At the end of the first week of a diet, most people hate their lives. However, our folks loved it.

Lean Belly

They were eating fresh fruits, lean meats, and because of the recipes provided, they were also spending more time in the kitchen. Our friend, Sarah, has finally had the motivation to pursue her lifelong desire of learning how to cook.

Besides losing a decent amount of weight, almost everybody began to say that they just “felt younger.” This is most likely due to the change in diet. All of the foods that Lean Belly Breakthrough recommends are lean, high-energy, and full of vitamins. By following this program, you’re bound to have more energy and be a happier person.

The Final Verdict

Despite some exaggerated claims, Lean Belly Breakthrough is a really solid program. It’s easy to follow, healthy, and can be done by just about anybody from your teenage son to your mother-in-law.

The diet promotes healthy eating and living and doesn’t require all of the sacrifice and excruciating workouts of other competing programs. Once you start following the Lean Belly lifestyle, your quality of life will improve. Your heart will be healthier, blood pressure lower, you’ll have extra libido, and you’ll feel younger.

We would personally recommend this program to any of our friends, and we think that you could benefit it as well. What have you got to lose (except a few pounds)? Check them out today!

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