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Keto Tone Diet Review : Live A Healthier Life

If you are just starting out on the Ketogenic diet, or keto diet as it is more commonly known you are probably finding it a little difficult and may be considering giving it up. And if you are just about to start a keto diet then that first sentence has probably put you off starting at all a little, but it wasn’t intended to and if you read on you may have an advantage over someone else setting out to lose weight and get trim who doesn’t get the opportunity to learn about the benefits of taking Keto tone.

Why is Ketogenic Diet difficult at the start?

The reason why a ketogenic diet can be a little arduous at first is because of how it affects our body, particularly our metabolism. The human body gets it energy from carbohydrates which are most normally found in large numbers in food stuffs like bread, cakes, chips, biscuits and pretty much anything sweet or savoury. So, in a keto diet you cease to eat any of those food groups, in fact you begin to eat foods that contain very little or even better, no carbs at all. A totally carb free diet is almost impossible to achieve, and some would argue with a fair bit of accuracy, not at all good for you, so trying to keep a day’s carb intake down to around 50 grams maximum is what you should be aiming for, better still if you keep it below 20g.

Why do we want to cut out carbs?

Fatty carbs food

Well the simple answer is that if the body does not have carbs to power it then it must find an alternative and so it does and in the shape of foods rich with fatty acids. This would be a variety of comestibles some of, but not all are;

  • Fish
  • Eggs
  • Lean beef
  • Pork and bacon
  • Fatty nuts and seeds
  • Avocado
  • Cheese
  • Cream cheese and olive oil
  • Salted butter
  • Heavy and sour cream

A nice range of fresh healthy products that give present a great opportunity to get creative in the kitchen and to seve up some delicious dishes just loaded with those vital fatty acids. With no carbs to devour the body turns to the fatty acids produced by our new keto diet. These acids are then in turn compounded into what is called ketone and this is delivered by the liver via the bloodstream into out hungry cells and we are once again powered up. The huge advantage of using ketone to run our body is that in large enough amounts it leaves us feeling fitter, more charged and alert amongst other benefits which will be discussed later.

Importance of Exercising

Whilst on the keto diet you should always exercise as much as possible as this hastens the release of ketones and when the body finally accepts that’s where it nourishment now comes from, that is when we enter what is known as a ketosis state. In other words that is now how our body processes food and gives us energy until we decide otherwise. Reaching this state can take some doing though and when you do you may at first doubt that doing so is actually benefiting you at all. You may tend to feel stodgy and tired, light headed and a bit “all over the place”. This is nothing to worry about and perfectly normal for some people when setting out on their ketogenic journey. What you are suffering from is what some people call “carb flu”.

You might feel like you starving at the start

Struggling not to eat

When in a state of ketosis your body is pretty much in starvation mode as it struggles to get to grips with the new system. It wants carbs not fats and is reluctant at first to accept the unfamiliar set up so only uses the ketones it must so that it can survive. This sends your metabolism haywire and is a big part of the reason why you are feeling so lifeless and low. Vigorous exercise can help in that it uses up strength, so the body is forced use the ketone in a bid to keep up, therefore getting it in the habit of being in a ketonic state and subsequently accepting it. But, catch 22, if you are suffering from carb flu then the last thing you feel like doing is even more exercise than you have already undertaken and so the whole thing becomes just a bit daunting. This where Keto tone can help.

Keto Tone makes it easier to reach the ketonic state  

Keto tone is a ketone supplement. When used in conjunction with the keto diet it can kickstart that ketone production or give it a final push so that in either case, you reach that ketonic state. Made from 100% natural ingredients, this supplement is readily accepted by the body as it is fooled into thinking it voluntarily produced this extra compound. And at that point you are up and running and can go about fully enjoying the benefits this diet and supplement combination has helped create.

Increases Fitness Level

In time you will start to lose weight as an amazing rate, your fitness level with soar as you take advantage of the extra energy and vitality you begin to feel and channel it into your exercise routine. Your mind will be quicker and sharper and given time you may even start to look younger, get a better nights sleep, have less of an appetite and start to develop a nicely toned body. The keto diet and Keto Tone make one heck of a team and the good news doesn’t stop there. A keto diet can also have exceptionally positive effects on other aspects of our health. It was developed over a hundred years ago as a cure for epilepsy – even now it isn’t totally understood why ketone causes a cease in seizures in people, but it does and is very effective at it. Since then the ketonic diet has helped people with Alzheimer’s, diabetes and even cancer. So, when you start to use Keto Tone you are not only making changes for today but are also quite possible assuring yourself of a healthier life in the future.

It's not suitable for everyone

Avoid Keto Diet if your are pregnant

At this point it is only prudent and responsible to point out a keto diet and by association Keto Tone may not be the right method for losing weight for everybody. Pregnant women, women breastfeeding, people with diabetes and heart problems and vegetarians all stand out as carrying an element or risk in taking this or any weight loss supplement, as does anyone taking medication for a serious condition, so as with any diet and following starting the use of a supplement of any kind, a doctor should always be consulted first in the interests of preserving good health first and foremost.

After reaching the ketosis state

Once you progress further in your ketogenic adventure having reached a ketosis state, you may find that state may wobble from time to time as your ketone level drops. You can monitor this with testing sticks which you can buy when you purchase your Keto Tone and it is also a good idea to make it an integral part of your dietary regime – this will help to keep those drops in levels to a minimum.

What then is in Keto Tone that makes it such a versatile and effective supplement?

Firstly, everything in Keto Tone is 100 per cent natural, it does not contain any synthesised chemicals, additives or fillers. The main ingredient is BHB – Beta-hydroxybutyrate – which is an organic compound and is present in three forms, Sodium, Magnesium and Calcium Beta-hydroxybutyrate, and is generated by the liver. This is the element of this supplement that causes the body to produce more ketones thus speeding up the shift into the state of ketosis. BHB is the reason why this supplement is so successful in speeding that shift up and equally adroit at maintaining it once achieved as long as it is continued as part of the ketogenic diet.

As promised we now turn to the potential benefits of using a supplement. There is of course the weight loss that we have already mentioned along with the gaining of a clearer, sharper clarity of thought, there can also be a renewed energy and revitalised vigour. Keto Tone also contributes to the achievement and maintenance of muscle tone and unlike some supplements that contain more than their fair share of additives and unnecessary ingredients, is 100% organic, GMO free, is a clinically trialed and a proven formula and so is perfectly safe to use and will not give you the edgy ‘I need my coffee’ jitters that those other products can do, in fact it has no negative side effects at all for healthy people.

A good nights sleep is another benefit of a successful combination of Keto Tone and the keto diet and as we all know a good night’s sleep has many knock-on benefits in itself. You will wake feeling recharged and ready to the face world and not like your head is full of sludge or hungover without even having had the pleasure of a drink the night before! In fact, you will be looking forward to the morning's exercise and a keto diet is both a good pre-workout supplement as well as being one that helps you quickly recover from your exertions afterwards. But do remember, if you want to experience the full range of benefits can provide then you must maintain its regular use. Stopping using Keto tone will not disrupt your state of ketosis in itself, but it may make it less stable and you may not benefit from many of the long term positives just previously mentioned.

Daily Intake

Keto Tone should be taken twice a day, the first tablet preferably just after you have got up giving it a chance to get to work immediately. Take plenty of water with the tablet but if you are sticking to a decent exercise and dietary program, you should be taking on lots of fluids anyway.

drinking water is  essential

One of the beauties of it is there for you if you slip up. Say for instance you are at a family wedding and the banquet afterwards is so sumptuous it is just too good to miss out on. Well it isn’t the end of the world if you succumb to temptation a little and if you indulge in a few too many carbs and your state of ketosis wanes or drops altogether, well this supplement will come to the rescue as the next tablet you take will begin to encourage the production of those ketones and guide your metabolism back to where it should be. Although, if these lapses occur more regularly, it is not advisable to continually repeat that cause of action as the rapid changes in your body’s make up could start to cause problems. If you do find yourself doing this you need to reconsider whether you should be on a diet at all in the first place.

Keep a notebook!

One good piece of advice is to keep a Keto journal, this may spur you on when you think you may falter and help a ketogenic diet become much more than just a diet but actually a way of life. You could take a full length photo of yourself before you start and stick it to the front of the book. Then, note down your weight loss as it becomes apparent and every so often take another photo. After a time, you will be able to look back at how you have improved yourself with clear photographic evidence in front of you and have every right to be very proud of yourself. Losing weight with this ketogenic diet/supplement combination not only improves how you look and think, the success of losing the weight and keeping it off will also improve on how you feel about yourself and boost self-confidence and your faith in yourself.

In Conclusion

So, in closing, starting a Ketogenic diet and combining it with Keto Tone supplement tablets could have a dramatic and positive impact on your life. And keeping to the diet so much easier now with it there to support you and help you maintain your state of Ketosis. You will start to feel fitter and see the pounds falling off. Your entire outlook will change, and you will feel the vim and vigour you used to feel when you were younger. You will have the energy to sculpt this new body in the gym into something that may turn heads, and which allows you to wear clothing you could not before. You will be a sharper thinker, possibly more creative and sleep a sound and good sleep. People will start asking what happened to you – in a positive sense of course – and you will be able to tell them your transformation is down to hard work, a great diet plan and an amazing little tablet.

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