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For many people the Keto way of life is becoming the norm. The benefits of a ketogenic diet, keto diet for short, do not boil down to weight loss alone and several separate studies have demonstrated that those people who live a Ketonic lifestyle also experienced a lesser chance of suffering from Alzheimer’s, diabetes, cancer and many other diseases and illnesses. This is no surprise as the diet was originally invented back in the 1920’s specifically as a treatment for epilepsy, so even back then in its formative years, plainly displayed medicinal powers that no doubt could be diverted to treat and cure other maladies.  

No wonder then that this weight loss and well-being system is being adapted by folk across the globe in their tens of thousands. Before we get to how Kegenix Prime weight loss supplement can compliment and make the keto way of life even more pleasant and efficient, let’s just take a moment or two to explain how the keto diet works and the benefits it bestows on those who participate in it.

How does Keto Diet works?

Our bodies use carbohydrates for energy and tends to store away fat, hence if you have a diet that is full of bread, pastries, cakes and other sweet stuff then the chances are you will be a little overweight. If you neglect to exercise as well then you may well be a little more than just overweight. Cutting out these carbs means the body needs to find an alternative power source and so it turns to the fat. It converts this fat into fatty acids and then into elements called ketones which are then distributed throughout the body to power its cells.  The ongoing production and distribution of ketone put the body into a state of Ketosis and the aim in a keto diet is to achieve and maintain that state, so it becomes the bodies norm. To achieve this, carbs must be kept down to at the very most 50 grams a day and more preferable 20 grams. When you take into consideration one slice of every day white bread contains on average 12grams of carbohydrates alone, you can understand why the Keto diet is so radical.

Fish, eggs, lean beef and pork and bacon, fatty nuts and seeds, avocado, eggs, cheese, cream cheese and olive oil, salted butter, heavy and sour cream are all mainstays of a ketogenic diet and all have a common factor in they are low in carbs, medium in protein content and loaded with fatty acids. These will all assist in reaching a state of ketosis and the encouragement of the ketone which as well as helping towards weight loss is also thought to increase clarity of thought, a heightening of mood and general, all round well-being.

Why does Kegenix Prime helps?

Well, in the initial stages of the keto diet such is the change to what the body is used to consuming that by the excluding of as many carbohydrates as possible people can start to feel extremely sluggish, very tired and generally off the pace. This condition fells like the flu and is called “Keto flu”. Kegenix Prime is designed to stimulate metabolism and combat this fatigue, but its benefits do not stop there. Adding Kegenix prime to your Ketogenic regime means you can enter a state of ketosis in just about an hour as the powder promotes the production and release of ketone and this leads to weight loss, a boost in energy and an upsurge in mental clarity. The sustained use of this supplement also leads to a better nights sleep, it can help reduce hunger pangs and cravings for food and it keeps on working as your health and fitness improves as the diet becomes just another natural day to day way of life.

Kegenix provides more energy working out

Kegenix Prime will continue to help you recover form your work outs faster, assist in maintaining the lean and muscular body you have worked so hard to achieve and, simply by definition as you are so much fitter and healthier, it will help you to age less quickly and allow your skin to repair and glow like someone ten years younger than you are.

Who's the Creator?

Kegenix prime is a product belonging to the Kegenix range of ketone driven products including meal replacements, vitamins, and weight loss supplements which are all highly compatible with a Ketogenic diet. Kegenix learned about the miraculous powers of ketone after reading about the work the respected scientist Dr Dominic D’Agostino carried out with Navy Seals. He realised that when in a ketosis state, Seals ceased experiencing seizures when they used rebreathers during missions. A very similar response to those suffering from epilepsy in the early part of the twentieth century. DR. D’Agostino also revealed how important and powerful Ketones are when it comes to both our physical and mental health.

Indeed, he informed the creators, the brain, tissues and organs prefer to use ketone when it comes to a fuel source much more than they like glucose. In fact, all three perform markedly more efficiently and at a higher level in a Ketosis state. The doctor's research was then taken up by hundreds of studies and research teams who all found similar positive qualities in the propagation of ketone in the human body. The founders of Kegenix, Rob Rogers and Gary Millet, could also see the huge benefits in the compound so licensed the D’Agostino ketone technology from the University of South Florida hoping to formulate a product that would promote and raise the body’s production of ketone, thereby making it much easier to enter a state of ketosis. Four years and a lot of hard work later Kegenix came to force and was quickly followed by an improved version, Kegenix Prime. Finally, a perfectly safe and relatively easy way to access a ketosis state when used in conjunction with a keto diet was available and people flocked to buy it.

You may want to take a look at those other Kegenix products previously mentioned; the Keto Meal Replacement comes in two flavors and you can even use it for cooking! The main website provides some very tasty recipes and the Keto essentials also available are multivitamins that act as a perfect compliment to any keto diet and can be used in tandem with Kegenix prime.

What Ingredients are in Kegenix Prime?

Kegenix Prime contains no tree nuts, shellfish, fish, soy, wheat or gluten but it does contain one hundred per cent natural health enhancers in the shape of the following:

  • Green Tea
  • L-leucine
  • L-isoleucine
  • L-lysine
  • Beta-hydroxybutyric
  • Medium chain triglycerides 
  • Erythritol
  • Rebaudioside
Whats in Kegenix Prime

Ingredients Breakdown

Green Tea which speeds up the metabolism, L-leucine which maintains anabolism in a low-calorie state and is all important in preventing glucose production. L-isoleucine, vital in the forming of haemoglobin and it regulates sugar levels and boosts energy levels as well. L-lysine which assists in the burning of fat. Beta-hydroxybutyric acid improves energy levels in those which are low is sugar. Massively important are Medium chain triglycerides (MCT powder) which stabilise that blood sugar and contribute to the accelerated production of ketone. And finally, there are Erythritol and Rebaudioside A, both sweeteners used in producing the great taste of Kegenix Prime. As well as these fewer know ingredients, KP also contains the calcium, magnesium and potassium compounds so vital to our every-day well-being.

You are no doubt beginning to realise that Kegenix isn’t a supplement akin to an energy boost drink but has real science behind it and plays a large part in enhancing the keto diet and at the same time promotes fitness, health and energy.

Is it for both Gender?

Kegenix Prime is for both men and women. In conjunction with the keto diet and exercise it aims to decrease your weight and body fat in weeks and achieve the same results that other keto diets can take much longer to accomplish. Kegenix is mixed with 12 – 16 ounces of water and should be taken daily, preferably in the morning and comes in a delicious lemon twist and orange blast flavors. Once taken, it will continue working throughout the day providing CKS, Continuous Ketone Supplementation thus helping to sustain your state of ketosis. Part of the beauty of this supplement is that it is one substitute for many things. This one compound can replace the pre-workout drink, the post workout drink, other weight loss products, separate fat loss products, an energy drink, a meal replacement product, and any supplements or vitamins taken to stimulate the brain. So over time you will also be saving money. Another benefit is that Kegenix is caffeine and synthetic stimulant free and this means there will be no fidgets, jangling nerves or waves of nausea that can be experienced when using other products that do not only contain natural ingredients.

Where can Kegenix Prime be Purchased?

Kegenix prime can be bought directly from the main retailers website or from a variety of online retailers including Amazon.

What Users Are Saying?

Here are just a few genuine customer reviews picked from the thousands of happy customers comments.

“Let me tell you I don’t think I can go a week without this supplement anymore. There are too many pros to taking it. Having energy, clear mind, no more constant fatigue or mental fog from eating a carb inclusive diet. Not to mention the weight loss associated with maintaining a state of ketosis. However, the main reason I purchased it was for the neuroprotection exogenous ketones offer the brain” - Ezequiel P

“I love all of the Kegenix products. Enjoy the vanilla flavor. It makes great pancakes. Gives me lots of energy and curbs my sugar cravings.” – Joanne M.

“Using Kegenix Ketones in combination with a diet loaded with quality fats helped me reach Ketosis in about 3 weeks, dropping there after about 8 lbs per week. That was six months ago. I continue to use Kegenix about 3 times a week.” – Ronald B.

“I love Kegenix. Is the third time I order and I’m so glad I did. I am in a ketogenic diet for two years now and tend to feel tired, without energy often. The shakes I make with Kegenix tastes so good and give me the energy I need. Thanks Kegenix, keep up the great work!!!!!” – Flavia. C

“I use a blood meter to measure ketosis and through testing have found that supplementing my diet with Kegenix products (Prime and meal replacements) helps to establish and deepen my nutritional ketosis state.
Using Prime after a short fast (13 hours) can push me far enough into ketosis to make a difference (getting my blood levels over .5).” – Michael W.

“I just received my supplements yesterday and started my first drink, I had so much energy it was amazing! I have never experienced that amount of energy in my entire life. One of my friends has been taking the supplement for awhile and told me to try it out, she was raving about the energy and how much better she was feeling, but I honestly didn’t fully understand or believe it. Now I understand exactly what she was describing as I feel great, energized and more focused on things I am doing throughout the day. The flavor of the drink is also really good and even better with ice. I was expecting the drink to taste like other drinks I’ve tried in the past but it honestly tastes like a really good fruit drink. I ordered the smaller package just in case I wasn't satisfied but I will definitely be ordering again before these run out. Today I had my second drink and feel really good!” – Amazon Customer

Kegenix customer working out

“Received this product a week ago. Amazing. I am on a low carb diet and this has alleviated the low energy. Love Love this. Lost 7 pounds 1st week with diet.” – L. Vega

So, as you can see, even from those few comments, the praise for Prime is high and enthusiastic as you would imagine when you can actually see the results day after day right in front of you in the mirror.

Better still though

Lets hear a tale from the horse's mouth as we briefly learn of Daniels experience with the keto diet supported by Kegenix Prime. Daniel is 38 and lives in Florida;

“I was only thirty-eight, but I had the body of a fifty-year-old, a fifty-year-old who didn’t look after himself. I was tired all the time, listless and disinterested in pretty much anything other than watching sport on TV. I was single, my job was ok, but I felt like I was going nowhere fast. If I am to be honest, I was probably well on the road to suffering from depression. Then I noticed a change in a colleague of mine who, as unlikely as it sounds, was probably in poorer shape than me. But now he had a spring in his step that wasn’t there before, and he had lost weight, he just looked all round better. We got talking and he told me about the Keto diet and so I decided to give it a go. It was hard work and I was on the verge of giving up because I was so tired, and the testing strips said I was just bobbing around Ketosis and not really in it. It just didn’t seem to be worth the effort I was putting in both in the sense of exercising and I was missing Pizza and fries and all that stuff. As a last resort I googled the problem and it seemed there were loads of people having the same problem and the answer was provided by commenters on posts seemed to be Kegenix Prime. I decided to try it and give it two weeks to change things. It did, massively. I reached a ketosis state in two days, the tiredness fell away, and I was more alert, sort of brighter and even funnier if that makes any sense? A couple of months on I have lost twenty pounds, my skin looks better, I feel wonderful and life looks just somehow different. Kegenix Prime just changed the whole ball game. It all became easier both physically and mentally. It changed my life completely. I get compliments on my healthy glow and weight loss all the time and I have now even got a girlfriend. Kegenix Prime was literally a life changer for me, ok the diet and exercise played a huge part as did my own desire to keep going, but I genuinely don’t think I would have had it not been for that amazing powder”.

As with any diet and any dietary supplement it is always wise to consult your doctor before starting a regime or begin using the powder. Kegenix can be taken whilst pregnant and in fact some studies have shown it to improve fertility, but again it is always prudent to consult a professional before beginning any unprescribed treatment.

The Final Verdict

So, to conclude. In conjunction with a Keto diet, Kegenix prime is an ideal supplement to promote the production of ketone which in turn will help you to lose weight, supress your appetite and cravings, maintain muscle mass quality, allow faster recovery from workouts, and help in getting a good nights sleep which in turn slows down aging. Your brain health will also improve leading to experiencing a general upturn to your entire mood and this will mean you feel stronger to face life and the challenges it can bring. Your family and friends will be surprised at this new you and the overall effect will be a huge improvement in the quality of your life. And all from one supplement. No surprise then a lot of the comments from people who use this supplement contain the phrase miracle worker!

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