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Is The Red Tea Detox A Scam?

Most of us would love to be a little more in shape. Losing weight can be incredibly tricky physically, mentally, and emotionally. It is hard to avoid being bombarded with imagery of perfect skinny models, and harder still to escape the desire to conform to societal standards of beauty.

This is why it can be so disheartening to see weight loss advertisers use images of perfect models to pull on our heartstrings. These (sometimes) misleading ads get us to throw our money at whatever quick-fix solution is on offer.

For example, products that promise to burn calories while you sit on the sofa, or erase a lifetime of bad eating habits with its mood-enhancing chemicals. These products promise you miracles, when really they should be telling you about the hard graft ahead.

This post will discuss the issues surrounding one recent weight loss miracle solution, Red Tea Detox, and ask, ‘Is it a scam?’

What Is Red Tea Detox?

The Red Tea Detox plan was created by Liz Swann Miller who, according to her bio, works as a naturopath and best-selling Amazon author.

As a professional weight loss expert, Liz traveled to the African bush on assignment and ran into a dangerous snake on a hike.

The next thing Liz remembers is being woken up by an African tribe who offered her a red tea drink. The tribe’s shaman revealed the secret ingredients of the drink to Liz. Then Liz quickly discovered she had found a unique blended drink that eliminates hunger pangs. The red tea recipe helped her shed 41 lbs in a matter of weeks.

On the site’s main homepage you can watch an hour and a half long presentation that recounts the whole of this fantastical creation story in great detail. However, some vital parts of the story are also missing, such as a testimonial from the African shaman. Or any explanation on how the tribe found her, and what she was doing wandering around in the bush alone in the first place?

In the video, you will also find out what is included in your order of the Red Tea Detox plan, and again, the details are patchy and phenomenally overstated. With your order of Red Tea Detox, you get a fitness and diet plan to follow, motivational information, and the recipe for the tea blend itself.

That’s right; you don’t buy this magic tea in packets — you have to make it yourself. Luckily, you can find all of the magic ingredients you need at your local grocery store…

The ‘Secret’ To The Red Tea Detox Blend

Red Tea Detox is made up of five ingredients that you may already have in your kitchen cupboards. The idea that five common ingredients have never been tried in combination before should be a massive red flag to anyone who’s careful about how they spend their money.

How could Red Tea Detox possibly be an ancient African secret that has just been sitting under our noses the whole time? And if the weight loss effects were as dramatic as they claim, surely someone would’ve noticed these weight loss side effects by now?

The critical chemical that is released in the Red Tea Detox drink is called aspalathin.

Aspalathin is a bioflavonoid that is meant to balance out your stress hormones and help you get a good night’s sleep.

In the video presentation, the Red Tea Detox makers outline several scientific studies that point out the connection between stress and weight loss. The studies themselves are genuine; however, there is no link between this product as advertised and the effects of the drink on someone’s stress levels. This lack of adequate testing should also serve as an alarm bell to those who want to avoid scam products online.

The Real Secret To Long-Term Weight Loss

Your mood and relationship with food can have a significant impact on your weight; it is, therefore, insensitive to claim that a miracle elixir can heal your mood overnight.

If the drink does not enhance the customer’s mood in a 14-day period, there is always the risk that the person might end up feeling worse about themselves than when they started the plan.

In times of sadness and disappointment, many of us turn to comfort eating. Failing miserably at yet another weight loss plan is just one of the myriad reasons people overeat to help themselves feel better. As a result, putting on rebound weight is a common occurrence for many people coming off of fad diet plans.

Setting people up for failure from the outset is a very mean trick the weight loss industry has played on people for a long, long time. They know that if they can sell one group a lousy product that doesn’t work, they will come back and try the next one, and the next one, and so on.

Ultimately all these fad diet programs do is distract people away from the real work of their health and fitness journey — learning to love yourself and showing it in how you look after your body.

You need to make sure that you are eating a healthy and varied diet that contains all of the vital nutrients your body needs to function. Cut down on junk/processed foods, stay hydrated, exercise regularly, and most importantly find healthy ways to manage your stress levels.

It is not easy to get all of these things right, so you have to find ways to make these lifestyle changes slowly and sustainably. It helps if you make your journey as inspiring, motivating and fun as possible. You have to make sure you dig deep and look beyond the superficial when it comes to weight loss; there is no secret shortcut.

Stop Believing The ‘Too Good To Be True’ Sales Claims

For the discerning customer, little else gets the blood boiling quite like seeing fake imagery on a sales site. In the featured sales presentation video, Red Tea Detox’s ‘founder’ uses a before and after image of herself to show her amazing 41 lb weight loss.

fake before and after photo

Image credit: Red Tea Detox

In the image, you can see that the face has been cut and pasted from another photo.

The facial features are almost comically out of proportion to the rest of the person’s head.

The fact that the founder of this product felt the need to use a doctored image should get you thinking, who is Liz Swann Miller? Also, why won’t she use original photos of herself benefiting from her fantastic weight loss remedy?

At EHI Primary Care we like to promote health and fitness tips that really work and get you feeling good both on the inside and out. Watch out for products that promise you a short-term solution to a complex problem. As the above article shows, some products, like Red Tea Detox may turn out to be too good to be true.

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