Is it safe to use Kegenix

How to Use Kegenix and is it Safe?

What is Kegenix?

Kegenix is a diet supplement related to the ketogenic diet, more fondly known as the ‘keto diet’.

Kegenix has three flavors: orange blast, fruit medley and wild berry. From online reviews and user testimonies it is apparent that Kegenix, though claiming to taste like the above flavors, doesn’t have the taste to the liquid form to back it up in any way. The Kegenix powders don’t really taste like what they claim to; in fact they are each quite sour with a formidable aftertaste as well. We also did an in-depth Kegenix review.

This could be off putting, but the product is there as a supplement to a diet (the keto diet), and that is the thing to bear in mind.

Kegenix is intended to allow people following the keto diet to lose weight at a faster rate through taking it. It was developed by Dr Dominic D’Agostino (a physician from South Florida) in 2016.

What is the Keto Diet?

how does keto diet work

The Keto diet (or ketogenic diet), is a diet that focuses on a food intake with low carbohydrate and higher fat in order to move the body into a state of ketosis, which in turn relays a higher fat burning activity.

Therefore if partaking in a keto diet, you will be staying away from foods with high carbohydrate content such as potatoes and bread and moving towards alternatives with higher fat and sometimes protein content such as butter (full fat), cream and eggs. Sounds delicious, right?

The focus is on ‘good’ fats, not ones that are high in sugar. That is not to say that you can’t partake in a delicious snack such as an avocado, full fat cheese, nuts or dark chocolate while on this diet, as those are highly recommended foods for the keto diet.

It is a good, effective, positive and healthy way to lose weight quickly and has been tried and tested various ways and times. There are similar diets out there such as the Atkins diet, but keto is generally regarded as healthier and better.

Some of the health benefits that come from following the keto diet include:

  • Faster and more sustainable weight loss.
  • Improved brain functions and concentrations.
  • A decrease in bloating and indigestion.
  • Skin improvements.
  • Sleep improvements.
  • A better endurance. (I.e. regarding exercise and daily routine).

These are just a portion of a larger list, and there are of course more benefits that can come from following this diet. It is increasingly popular all over the U.S and in fact the world. Many doctors and physicians are getting behind the research and supporting the ketogenic diet for patients who need to lose weight for health reasons such as obesity and diabetes.

It is intended as and certainly does become a change in lifestyle and not just a change in diet.

There are numerous ways to do this, many meal plan options alongside regular exercise, and a number of supplements as well.

How to Use Kegenix?

Using Kegenix Prime

Kegenix comes in a powder form that is ready to be mixed into a liquid, and is intended for daily consumption alongside the keto diet.

You simply mix up the powder as per the instructions on the packet, and drink it in its liquid form. This is easy enough done and not too time consuming either. It is much easier to remember than taking a tablet as the physical act of mixing the powder together serves as a reminder to do it!

It should be used alongside following the keto diet; otherwise it will not have the desired nor intended results i.e. burning fat more rapidly at a higher rate.

When to Drink Kegenix?

Kegenix is a daily supplement. The recommended time to drink Kegenix in order to gain the most benefits from the supplement is around mid morning, not too early but not too late neither.

This is a sort of, in between meal times, time.

What ingredients are in Kegenix?

What ingredients is in Kegenix?

Kegenix contains a blend of lots of different vitamins and minerals that are geared towards weight loss and complementing the keto diet.

For example medium chain triglycerides are a type of fat stored in the body. They are present in Kegenix as they accelerate and make better ketone production therefore enhancing the process of ketosis. Therefore they help to accelerate the fat burning process that the diet is intended for.

Another ingredient of Kegenix is green tea leaf extract. Green tea leaf is well known amongst the world of health foodies. It has numerous benefits, and in the Kegenix supplement, it helps to speed up the body’s metabolism and therefore burn fat quicker and more efficiently.

There are numerous other ingredients including citric acid, malic acid, maltodextrin, protein blend and natural flavoring and coloring which all add to the effectiveness of the Kegenix product.

Does it work?

The keto diet, much like most diets, is hard to get into and especially so for a newbie. It can be even harder to stick at, regardless of whether you get off on a good foot or not. This shouldn’t mean however, that you don’t try. With supplements it can be all the easier with faster results to see and help encourage you along the right path.

Owing to the absence of carbohydrates in the keto diet, many people will find it just that bit harder as well. Carbohydrates are a staple food of many people’s daily eating habits. They are good for the body, but not in too high consumption, as that is when they start to make the body gain weight.

Cutting out carbohydrates, not entirely but down to a keto diet level, can cause some after effects on the body. These include; low energy levels, grumpy mood swings and even some cold and flu like symptoms. It is so common in fact that it even has its own name: Keto flu.

However, if you decide to use a supplement in this case Kegenix, then it can help to replace that dip in energy that so many suffer from when changing their diets. It can maintain positive and healthy levels in the body which means that you will be able to stay more motivated and not feel the hit of losing carbohydrates as heavily.

Not only this, but Kegenix also offers relief from food cravings by speeding up the body’s metabolism. These are all things that will enable you to feel empowered and not weakened by your new diet choice.

Side effects and is it safe?

How does kegenix  effects you

As with most products, there have been reports of side effects from taking Kegenix supplement. Some of these have been reported as:

  • Increased anxiety, as though the body has had too much caffeine in one sitting.
  • Dizziness and increased pulse rate.
  • Cramp.
  • Increased need to urinate.
  • Troubles sleeping and getting to sleep.

None of these side effects sound particularly pleasant. Though it is worth remember that not everyone is affected in such a way, and you will have a different experience to the next person who uses Kegenix supplements.

In general though, Kegenix and the keto diet are deemed as entirely safe for the body and in fact healthy when used and followed in a sensible pattern. As with most things, it is about finding the right balance.

Make sure you always check with your health professional before taking any supplement if you are on any medication beforehand. This is very important, as they will be able to best advise you how the two may interact and what you may need to avoid.


The Keto diet becomes ever more popular. People all over the world, scientists and doctors included, are advocating for and partaking in this weight loss diet. It can help manage conditions such as diabetes and obesity and really does come with a world of benefits besides this such as better skin (i.e. less rashes, acne and breakouts), increased levels of concentration and awareness (goodbye feeling tired and sluggish all the time).

Kegenix is a great way to complement this diet, as a supplement that is intended to be consumed alongside your new or pre-existing keto lifestyle. Whether you are just starting out and want to give yourself a boost or you are in the middle of it and need a bit of extra encouragement, the specially created product enables the body to speed up the metabolism and increased fat burning more rapidly therefore leading to a higher level of weight loss.

There are a few side effects (i.e. heart palpitations) that you need to consider before taking the product, but not everyone experiences these and it is up to you and your body as to how you will be affected. It is best to consult a medical professional if you have any pre-existing conditions that need to be considered before taking any new supplement.

 Though the available flavors haven’t been the best received by users, the overall positive effects of Kegenix supplement have. It is available widely online, as are other keto supplements that may have less negative side effects.

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