Ebook Review Of Candida Crusher

Candida Crusher Ebook Review: Could Changing Your Diet Clear Candida?

Many of us have suffered from embarrassing health conditions in the past, but few are as maddening as a yeast infection. That itching, burning sensation and unpleasant odor is a secret hell that many of us have lived through for days, weeks, sometimes months at a time. For some, persistent/recurring yeast infections (a condition known as Candida) can last years, sometimes spanning a decade.

Over-the-counter creams and medicines tackle the symptoms of an acute yeast infection.

However, preventative methods go further to get to the root cause of the chemical imbalance and wipe out Candida for good.

That is why the team at EHI Primary Care were so keen to review Dr. Eric Bakker’s Candida Crusher Ebook. This ebook promises to give its readers the all-natural method for curing chronic Candida forever. Read on to find out more about the book’s claims.

The Creators

Dr. Eric Bakker is a naturopathic doctor with over 27 years in clinical practice. He is the director of Naturopaths Ltd., a naturopathic clinic in New Zealand, which has seen tens of thousands of cases of Candida over the years. Dr. Bakker is also the Vice President of New Zealand's Natural Medicine Association, as well as regularly contributing research to the NZ Journal of Natural Medicine.

The recommendations in his Candida Crusher handbook are tried and tested amongst thousands of fungal infection sufferers the world over. Since its publication in 2013, the Candida Crusher method has cleared up over 17,500 cases of persistent Candida.

The ebook is packed with the latest research and findings and contains over 700 pages.

Dr. Eric also regularly hosts lectures on natural medicine and still takes a very active role in his practice. If patients need extra assistance after reading this book, they can get in touch through his main website and book a webcam appointment.

The Story Behind The Breakthrough

Candida is an age-old problem that can affect both women and men, young or old. The fungal infection, if left untreated, can seriously affect your wellbeing as well as your overall health.

Normal activities like urination, having sexual intercourse, even socializing with friends can become a living nightmare when dealing with the symptoms of Candida. Dr. Eric Bakker understood that preventative and all-natural medicine could have a hugely positive impact on the lives of these chronic Candida sufferers.

So, in his quest to come up with his comprehensive Candida Crusher program he studied various aspects of natural medicine in America, New Zealand, and India. His passion for finding drug-free cures for long-term illnesses has garnered him many glowing testimonials from natural medicine practitioners from all over the world. However, on his main website, Dr. Eric cites his patients as being the primary source of his inspiration in fine-tuning his Candida Crusher methodology over the last 20 years.

A Look At The Content

  • The Candida Crusher ebook details everything you need to know about curing yeast infections once and for all.
  • See the list of unusual symptoms of thrush that may affect your mood, digestion, cognitive functioning and more.
  • With 712 pages of research and clinical findings, you can fine-tune your treatment routine to align with your health needs.
  • Get all the information you need to tackle all types of fungal infection including vaginal, oral, nail, and even diaper thrush with natural remedies.
  • The book is an excellent read for those who are not suffering from Candida but wish to find out more about preventative medicine.
  • You can also find great tips on diet, detoxification regimes, stress-management and lifestyle changes.
  • Get three quick tips for managing the unpleasant symptoms of thrush, so you no-longer have to rely on shop-bought topical creams and tablets.
  • Perform all eight of Dr. Eric Bakker’s self-testing exercises, to see if you may be suffering from a chronic yeast infection.
  • Utilize Dr. Eric’s two-step, yes, only two-step treatment plan for banishing all types of fungal infection.
  • Take the different tests in two-week intervals to see how your recovery is coming along.
  • The book contains a wellness-tracking section patients can use to mark their progress in eradicating their Candida.
  • Eric Bakker believes that if you follow the protocol outlined in the ebook correctly, you can see dramatic improvements in three-four months.
  • The Candida Crusher ebook download also comes with a 60-day money back guarantee to customers.
  • Find out Dr. Eric’s two top-secret weapons for fighting long-term yeast infections
  • Discover the link between yeast infections and immune and stress disorders, as found in clinical research studies.
  • Get plenty of advice on supplements you can use to help you beat persistent fungal infections.
  • The ebook is also packed with case studies and testimonials from happy patients who are now living Candida-free lives.
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What We Like About Candida Crusher

Beating the unbearable discomfort of a persistent yeast infection is the aim of the game with the Candida Crusher plan. EHI Primary Care appreciates how this all-natural recovery regime transforms lives. Here are some more things we loved about this ebook .

1. Actionable Advice You Can Implement Today

Altering your diet and lifestyle choices (such as the soaps you buy, the clothes you wear, etc.) can make a massive difference to those who suffer from persistent thrush symptoms.

For instance, heavily perfumed bath bombs and foams can put anyone’s Ph balance out of whack. The tips in the Candida Crusher handbook really can work for anybody.

Also, Dr. Eric developed his revolutionary treatment plan with years of clinical experience under his belt. He has helped people with many variations and severities of yeast infection. For those who have tried everything, his method could give you the answer you’re looking for.

2. Perfect For Ongoing Use

If you are looking for some instant relief from the painful and unpleasant symptoms of thrush, this ebook has got you covered — no more wasting money on expensive topical creams and pills.

With every copy of the ebook , you can also discover methodologies for eight separate tests you can do at home to monitor your yeast infection symptoms. You also get a treatment tracker to help you mark your progress to complete recovery.

The system is designed to be easy enough for everyone to follow along at home.

3. It’s Natural Medicine

Natural medicine is becoming more recognized as a viable alternative for those who have sought standard medical treatment with little success. Many more of us are also aware that diet and living a healthy lifestyle are the best ways to prevent yourself from falling ill.

The ebook is also packed with detailed case studies, providing credibility to the plan’s claims.

You can also see many positive testimonials from readers who have tried the method and finally found success in treating themselves at home. Dr. Eric’s extensive research and commitment to treating real-life patients also helps to solidify his reputation worldwide.

4. Backed By A 60-Day Money Back Guarantee

Dr. Eric Bakker hosts his own YouTube channel and regularly uploads video content with lots of all-natural medicine tips. He also outlines every single piece of advice you need to treat the causes of yeast infections (and not just the symptoms).

Dr. Eric is so confident that his method works, he gives away information for free and offers all customers 60-day money back guarantees. If you follow his protocol to the letter and see entirely no changes to your symptoms within 60 days, you can get in touch for a full refund.

5. Gets To The Root Cause

When you have a terrible case of ‘the itch’ you can barely concentrate on anything but your awful symptoms. You wonder if you smell, if people can see how uncomfortable you look in your clothes, and if you can find somewhere to hide while you scratch yourself.

Spending money on topical creams and pills can only treat the symptoms and the infection in the short-term.

However, if you keep coming down with fungal infections anywhere in the body, you might need to look for the underlying causes of the problem. Candida Crusher outlines not only treatments and cures for symptoms; it also gives you valuable tips for rebalancing your body’s bacterial reserves forever. You will never have to suffer the misery of yeast overgrowth in your system again.

bad things about candida crusher

What We Didn’t Like About Candida Crusher

All of the valuable tips outlined in the Candida Crusher plan can set you up for a Candida-free life today. However, there are some issues you should be aware of before parting with your money.

1. It Requires Some Effort

Some customers were left unsatisfied with the Candida Crusher diet plan. Some found it too restrictive as a long-term solution. (However, as this is a treatment plan, seeing results in as short a time as possible is the aim of the game).

Dr. Eric runs through the three types of patients he sees in his clinic. The first type follows his advice and dedicates themselves to running all treatments at home over a four-month period.

The second type of patient picks and chooses a few things they like from the plan and see improvements.

The third type barely follows along with the program. They do not dedicate themselves to all of the tests and methods because the tips don’t align with their lifestyle. The third type of patient probably will not benefit from reading this book.

2. There Is No Hard Copy

Ebooks are an excellent method for distributing valuable information instantly, but it would be nice to have a printed copy as well.

As this book includes a long-term treatment plan, many patients would also benefit from a hard copy they can read at a more leisurely pace, or take with them to the grocery store. There may also be people out there who would benefit greatly from stumbling across these tips in a bookshop setting. Not everyone has access to an ebook reader at home.

For some, marking your progress with pen and paper could be more convenient (especially if you need to examine your symptoms in your bathroom mirror).


We needed to test the ebook to see if it was effective in treating Candida. At EHI Primary Care, we downloaded the text and gave it a good read. We wanted to make sure that the tips were valuable to those interested in all-natural diets and preventative medicines.

We found the advice in this book highly useful for those looking for rapid help in stopping the immediate symptoms of thrush. The book also provided much information on how your gut health can be affected by your mood and stress levels.

It made us appreciate how all of our body’s inner workings are balanced out by each other.

Many customers followed the plan and noticed knock-off improvements to their overall wellbeing.

One customer said that the method had improved their cognition: they no-longer feel groggy when they wake up in the morning. Others had noticed a significant reduction in bloating and inflammation around the stomach.

The Final Verdict

At EHI Primary Care we approve of Dr. Eric Bakker’s Candida Crusher ebook.

With this ebook, you not only get advice on clearing your pain the natural way, you also get a lot of help when it comes to preventing  your Candida from coming back.

We love the fact that the claims in the ebook are tried and tested amongst tens of thousands of patients.

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