brown haired woman eating a sandwich

What Role Does Yeast Play In Your Diet And Health? Good vs. Bad Bacteria

Our gut is a delicate ecosystem that drives most of the body’s processes. Our digestive system does a lot to protect us from diseases, and yeast can either help (or hinder) the way our guts  work. Our immune systems rely on a healthy amount of good bacteria in our gut to help us fight infection. […]

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man sitting in a yoga pose while looking out over the sea at dusk

What Are Yogic Techniques & How Can They Shape Your Life?

Yoga is more than just an activity you can do to tone up and lose weight. Yogic techniques are used by many across the globe to change the way they act and think. Negative thoughts are banished and positive thoughts are generated. You calm yourself with your own breathing and connect with your body by […]

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Yoga before and after review

My Journey with Yoga : Before and After Review

I started doing yoga five years ago after seeing an inspirational video of a man called Arthur who could not walk. The video shows him performing yoga, before and after. How does Yoga works?Yoga is a spiritual and ascetic discipline, which involves breathing control and meditation techniques. The most well-known and seen yoga pose is the downward […]

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Is Yoga A Good Way To Tone Up & Lose Weight?

Yoga is an incredibly versatile exercise that can help you both physically and mentally – but is it helpful for weight loss? Most people think that if exercise doesn’t involve you moving quickly and breaking a sweat, it won’t help you lose weight. Yoga doesn’t seem like the most likely exercise for those wanting to […]

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7 Simple Ways To Live A Leaner, Healthier Life

We all want to live a healthier life. Whether we actively choose to live this healthy life is another matter. When we’re faced with temptation it can be easy to want to just throw it all out the window and just stay on your sofa stuffing your face with junk food. However what most people […]

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