Recipes For Keto Diet

Best Recipes For Keto Diet

The ketogenic diet is an incredibly successful weight-loss regime that doesn’t force you to miss out on great tasting food. The reason why the keto diet, a low-carbohydrate, high-fat and adequate-protein plan, is so popular with a wide range of people is the amount of choice it allows.

Although the keto diet does restrict the number of carbohydrates you can eat, it doesn’t force you to skip out on taste and enjoyment from food like so many other diet plans out there. A lack of carbohydrates, which are often the main component in traditional recipes, allows you to get creative with your cooking and experiment with different flavors, recipes, and textures. And to top it up you can have the best weight-loss supplement that helps you kickstart your keto progress quicker.

The Keto Diet Benefits

The keto diet is a regime that forces your body to rewrite its biology. Typically, our bodies run on energy produced from glucose (sugars). These sugars are typically found in carbohydrates and proteins.

On the keto diet, the amount of carbs and protein you can consume is restricted forcing your body to find another energy source. When insulin levels are low, the body starts to produce ketones – which is where this diet gets its name from.

When the body produces ketones, energy is produced by burning fat rather than glucose. This is why the keto diet is such an effective weight-loss programme as well as providing various other health benefits to your body and mind.

Keto Diet improvements

A lot of restrictive diets – that is those that do not allow a certain food group or category – normally only allow a small selection of ingredients. This often leads to people on these plans consuming the same meals over and over again.

This is not only incredibly boring, but it can also impact your motivation and progress. If you feel as though you are missing out on delicious food, then you are more likely to scrap that diet plan and go back to your old ways.

Luckily, there are so many recipes that are keto-friendly that you’re not going to miss out on anything. From filling breakfasts to nutritious sweet treats, there are so many meals that can be adapted to the keto diet.

Keto – Friendly Breakfasts

Best Keto Breakfast

The goal of the keto diet isn’t just to lose weight, although this certainly is a great motivator. Those on the keto diet report a decrease in their hunger while experiencing more energy and focus than ever before.

The goal on the keto diet, then, is to make sure you are consuming meals that are filling and nutritious to keep you going for as long as possible.

Breakfast is the so-called ‘most important meal of the day,' and just because you're on the keto diet, it doesn't have to be limited to a handful of fruit and oats.

Here follows a list of keto-friendly breakfasts that will keep you going all day!

1. Omelet with mushrooms, spinach and goats cheese

This is a great way to start the day as you are already chipping into your veggie intake. Vegetables are a staple food group for the keto diet and spinach is renown for its anti-toxin qualities as well as being an incredible fuel source.

Goats cheese provides the fat you need and mushroom are a delicious filler food to pad out the meal and make the benefits last longer. Also egg by itself is another food source for Keto diet, called Egg Fast.

2. Bacon and eggs benedict salad

This twist on a classic breakfast dish is not only delicious but is a brilliant way to get some protein in, without wasting it on empty calories.

Twisting up the classic bacon-and-eggs with a healthy salad, full of delicious greens, is going to keep your energy levels high for the rest of the day while contributing to your protein intake.

3. Crunchy blueberry keto cereal

If you want something simpler in the morning, this special keto-friendly cereal is a quick option – once you’ve prepared it. Blueberries are a brilliant antioxidant and are a staple in so many keto dieters refrigerators.

Use full-fat milk to make the most out of this meal or try a dairy-free option to keep your calories for later in the day.

Fuel-Filling Lunches

keto Filling Lunches

Lunchtimes can be an incredibly busy time. No matter where you work or what kind of daily routine you have going on, lunch can be one of the most dreaded meals to make.

 However, if you’ve been on the go all morning – maybe you’ve been to the gym, you’re working hard or watching the kids – you will need some fuel to keep you going for the rest of the afternoon. The following recipes are easy to make, filling and keto-friendly.

1. Chicken, bacon and low-fat ranch casserole

This low-carb casserole is delicious and filling. It can be made the night before for a great meal plan lunch and will give you enough energy to tackle the rest of today’s work before you hit the gym.

With chicken and bacon, you are also getting in a large chunk of your daily protein, which will help your body heal after a workout and boost your alertness.

2. Zucchini noodle pasta

Zucchini, also known as courgette, is a wonderful vegetable to consume on the keto diet because it is low in carbohydrates while being full of nutrients. This pasta is incredibly quick to make and is high in fat, helping you feel fuller for longer and more focused for the rest of your day.

This is a delicious meal that can be eaten either hot or cold, giving you a chance to prepare it the night before.

3. Stuffed peppers with cream cheese and eggs

Stuffed peppers are an incredibly easy-to-make dish that can be used in food prep plans. Simply take two peppers to the office in a container, and you've got a delicious meal waiting for you at lunch-time.

This recipe is high in fat and covers your protein needs with the eggs. It is also incredibly delicious and can be eaten hot or cold.

Unstoppable Keto-Diet Dinners

best keto dinner 2019

Dinner time is perhaps the only time of day in your busy schedule that you get to sit down and be with your family. Being on the keto diet shouldn't interrupt family time, and the following recipes are guaranteed to please everyone, whether they're in ketosis or not! 

1. Keto meaty tacos

After a long day of work and the gym, your body will be craving some protein. This high-fat and protein fuelled dish is something that can be enjoyed by the whole family and will help your tired muscles heal themselves overnight.

Making your own tacos will prevent you from going over your carbohydrate limit, allowing you to enjoy the meal guilt-free.

2. Asian cabbage and beef stir fry

Cabbage is a wonderful vegetable because it is low in carbohydrates but full of beneficial nutrients that your body will thank you for. Beef is rich meat that will keep you full and alert, should you want to try a late-night gym session.

Chinese Stir fries are a healthy meal for any diet, as their main ingredient is vegetables. They are also an incredibly popular meal choice for a wide range of people because of how quick they are to make.

You can throw in any other vegetables you have at home to bulk up the meal.

3. Salmon with refreshing pesto

Salmon is an excellent source of protein, while also being high in omega-3 which is a fatty acid. This fatty acid benefits both the brain and body, which is exactly what you need when you're handling a new diet regime!

Pesto is a lightweight and incredibly delicious dressing that is full of greens. This meal can be padded out with spinach and cabbage for even more nutrition.

Delicious Desserts

Best keto desserts

Looking after your body doesn’t have to be bland. Even though the keto diet doesn’t allow for a lot of your past sweet treat favorites, there is still so much out there for you to try. Your sweet tooth won’t be grieving the loss of sugar for long.

These keto desserts are so good, they’ll overtake those past favorites in no time!

1. Gluten-free chocolate cupcakes

As these cupcakes are low carb and gluten-free, their texture is incredibly gooey and delicious. You can enjoy what tastes like a chocolate fudge brownie, while still sticking to your keto diet and keeping your body in it’s the best shape.

2. Matcha coconut cake

Green tea is a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory ingredient that can really make the difference to your desserts. Matcha is perhaps one of the strongest and purest forms of green tea, which is why it is a favorite keto ingredient.

It also contributes to feelings of alertness and raises energy levels - which is what your body needs after a busy day.

If you feel as though you have overindulged with a heavy dinner, these lightweight and quick to make cakes are a guilt-free choice that will still leave you feeling satisfied.

3. Coconut ice cream

Using coconut milk instead of dairy, this ice cream is very indulgent and would please even those who aren’t on the keto diet. After a busy day at the gym, nothing is better than a bowl of ice cream to soothe your soul.

With this recipe, you don’t have to feel guilty as your body is still getting the nutrients it needs and craves while still having something delicious to consume.

Keto Friendly Snacks

Best keto snacks 2019

There may be times that you feel a though you simply cannot wait for the next meal. Luckily, there are a lot of delicious and fulfilling keto-friendly snacks out there that can curb your cravings and keep you going throughout the day.

The following are recipes that you can make in bulk and keep in your refrigerator for when the cravings kick in.

1. Egg muffins

These delicious and filling muffins are very easy to make. You can prepare a whole batch to last you the week. They are a great protein source, perfect for when your energy levels are depleting!

You can use sweeteners if you’ve got a sweet tooth or insert some spinach if you want something savory.

2. Low-carb courgette chips

These crispy, heavily seasoned vegetable crisps are the perfect snack for movie night or to add to a packed lunch at work. They can be seasoned to suit your tastes – maybe add some chili flakes for a little kick, or try paprika for a nacho taste.

Try them with a high-fat dip like hummus or make your own combinations.

3. Salted almond and coconut chocolate bark

These indulgent snacks use a little bit of dark chocolate to curb your sugar cravings as well as mixing the saltiness of almonds.

It is a great protein source, as well as providing a big boost of motivation to keep you going no matter what the day throws at you!

No-Prep Snacks

Sometimes you just want to eat something right now. Here are a handful of keto-friendly snacks that can be purchased from your local health store or supermarket.

 Keep them on hand in the refrigerator or pantry for those times when you simply cannot wait.
  • Jerky Sticks: for a protein boost with delicious salty flavoring
  • Salted nuts: almonds, peanuts or walnuts are great on-the-go snacks
  • Veggie sticks and dip: carrots, celery, and hummus is a match made in keto-heaven
  • Full-fat string cheese: these are incredibly easy to keep on hand and will boost your energy
  • Dark chocolate: the higher the cocoa content, the better it will be for your health. This is a quick and brilliant motivator for those mid-day cravings

Conclusion: Take Your Pick!

Taking care of your body, improving your lifestyle and losing weight doesn’t have to come at the cost of taste and enjoyment.

Although the keto diet is a restrictive plan, there are so many different recipes out there for every meal of the day. It is simply a matter of changing your mindset alongside your food.

Maintaining a healthier lifestyle is so much easier if you enjoy the process and all of these keto-friendly recipes are certain to keep you and your family happy, full and healthy!

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