Best Keto Foods 2019

5 Best Keto Foods for 2019

The keto diet has fast become a popular go-to diet for people who are wanting to lose weight quickly and effectively.  It is also a go-to recommended diet that medical professionals chose to aid patients suffering from diabetes and epileptic seizures.

How does the keto diet work?

The keto diet works when the 70/20/10 rule is applied to eating patterns.  This means that 70% fat, 20% protein and 10% carbohydrates must be consumed each day.  The number of carbohydrates consumed on any one day must be limited to 50g, with many dieters consuming as little as 20g. Foods can be alternated, and variety is encouraged, but this can be challenging for some dieters.  So we are going to give you the best food for keto diet list to help you.

The process of keto

The process of the keto diet is perhaps not as complicated as many people assume.  For the keto diet to be effective the dieter must reduce the number of carbohydrates that they intake.  This encourages the body to run off the fat that is consumed.  To lose weight, the natural state of ketosis must occur.

What is ketosis and how does it occur?

The keto diet replicates the natural metabolic state of ketosis.  The state of ketosis occurs when carbs are reduced, and the body does not have enough glucose to run off.  Glucose is usually found in sources of sugar, like fruit and certain dairy products, as well as in foods that have a high starch content, so foods like pasta and bread. Also to kickstart the ketosis quicker, there's keto supplements that can taken. To save you the time and research we put together a list of the best keto supplements.  When the carbs are decreased, and the glucose levels are limited the body cannot rely on these sources for its energy and must find something else to help it run at maximum capacity.  It, therefore, burns fat.  The state of ketosis produces ketone which is an acid and breaks down molecules of fat.  Ketones help the process of weight loss to occur and are expelled via the urine.

What are the best foods for keto dieting?

the best foods for keto dieting

It is important that you are able to incorporate various different foods within your diet to prevent you from getting bored and to enable you to succeed on your weight loss journey.  The top 5 keto diet foods that are recommended to help you see results are:

Top 5 keto diet foods

Seafood: fish and shellfish;

Low carb vegetables;

High-fat dairy products like cheese, plain Greek yogurt, and cottage cheese;


Meat and poultry

The top 5 keto diet foods and why they are so good

1. Seafood

Fish and shellfish are the most keto-friendly foods that you can eat.  Oily fish, such a salmon, are high in their vitamin levels.  The best of which are vitamin B, potassium and selenium, and the added bonus is they are verging on being carb-free.  Crab and shrimp contain no carbs at all.  Some seafood contains higher amounts of carbohydrates, so let’s take a look at a few of the common misconceptions:

Squid has 3g;

Octopus has 4g;

Oysters have 4g;

Clams have 5g;

Mussels have 7g.

The best seafood sources to consume are fish which are high in fat, oil and omega 3 because they decrease the level of insulin within the body really aiding diabetic dieters and people prone to obesity issues.  It is advised that the following fish are consumed as keto diet foods at least twice every week:




2. Low carb vegetables

It is best to aim for vegetables that are not starchy because they do not have much a calorific number and are also carbohydrate low.  They do, however, have great volumes of minerals, vitamin C and additional nutrients that the body needs to function.  When vegetables contain fiber, this is not digested by your body as it does with carbs.  We need to look for vegetables that have a low carb or net carb count, like:







Why not try swapping your usual carbs for one of the above low carb vegetables and help to lower your risk of heart disease while doing so?

3. High-fat dairy products

Well, this is wonderful, who doesn’t love cheese?  And there are so many different varieties that we could never get bored of eating it. It’s a perfect keto diet food because it is so high in fat but remains low in the carbs department.  Cheese is good because it contains conjugated linoleic acid which aid weights loss, protects the heart from disease and prevents muscle and strength from decreasing as we age.

Cheese isn’t the only dairy source that keto dieters love, there is also the viable option of eating cottage cheese and plain Greek yogurt regularly to no detriment of your diet plan.  They are protein rich, and although they do contain some carbohydrates, they do not contain enough carbs for your consumption of these two dairy products to be an issue.  They are great additions to the keto diet because they help you to stay fuller for longer and aid in decreasing your appetite.

4. Avocados

Let’s set a few things straight and make it simple for ourselves.  Half of an average sized avo contains 9g of carbs.  Initially, this seems high and may put you off eating them while on your keto journey, but we have great news. 7g of the 9g is actually fiber that is not digested by the body at all which leaves just 2g as half an avos net carb count.  This means that they are a real contender on our best foods for keto diet list.

What are the advantages of eating avocados?



High in vitamins and minerals;

They are potassium-rich which can often be a bit of problem to keto dieters;

Their high potassium quantity helps the body transition into the state of ketosis;

Improve cholesterol;

Improve the levels of triglycerides in the body;

Promote heart health.

Meat and poultry products

These are often considered to be the best foods for keto because they are the staple; the food source that every keto dieter turns to on a frequent basis for their nutritional needs.  They do not contain any carbohydrates, and they have good quantities of Vitamin B and minerals, such as zinc, potassium, and selenium.  They are great sources of high-quality protein, and yes, quality really does make a difference to your keto diet.  They also help to preserve, retain and strengthen muscles.

To make the healthiest choice when it comes to meat products, try to choose meats that have been grass fed.  This will ensure that there are better quantities of omega-3 fats, antioxidants, and conjugated linoleic acid which will help you to achieve your weight loss and muscle building goals.

Are there more keto diet foods?

Other keto diet food

Yes, there are lots, and they are just as versatile as the list of our top 5 keto diet foods above. There's also keto cooking books available for you, will give you more varieties than eating the same boring food. Other foods you may wish to look in to can include:

  •  Eggs: rich in antioxidants, promote eye health and reduce heart disease risks;
  •  Coconut oil: thanks to the medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs) that are consumed by the liver and made into ketones and used as immediate energy it can help to sustain ketosis helps Alzheimer’s sufferers and people with problems of the brain or nervous system, like epileptics;
  • Olive oil: great for supporting a healthy heart, decrease inflammation across the body and increases the function of the arteries;
  • Seeds and nuts: high fat, low carb, helps to decrease heart disease risks, reduces the susceptibility to depression and cancer and help you to feel fuller for longer because of their high fiber content;
  • Berries: low carb, high fiber, full of antioxidants, raspberries and blackberries are favored;
  • Olives: antioxidant rich, anti-inflammatory, decreases cell damage, decreases blood pressure;
  • Tea and coffee (with no sweetener): caffeine speeds up the metabolic rate of the body, increases performance, mood, and alertness.  Drinking these carb-free beverages also help to reduce the likelihood of getting diabetes;
  • Dark chocolate: rich in antioxidants, contains flavanols that reduce heart disease risks, lower blood pressure and promote artery health.  Be sure to consume dark chocolate that has at least 70% cocoa solids – the higher the better really!

The best foods for keto and you

So there we have it, our list of the best keto diet foods to help you on your way.  Following the strict keto diet guidelines of 70/20/10 can be challenging, especially at first, but once you understand the consumption guidelines, you can begin to add more variety.  We want you to succeed on your weight loss journey and there are so many added bonuses when you consume the listed keto diet foods. We have another blog post about other keto food choices you can eat during thediet.  It doesn't just have to be about weight loss.  Why not help your body in other ways, too, like helping your heart to stay healthy, reduce your risk of getting diabetes and finding natural anti-inflammatories.  There really are so many benefits to partaking in the keto diet that once you start, you will wonder why you have never undertaken this healthy lifestyle choice before.  You don't have to make it complicated for yourself, just make it varied and you will be sure to notice the results when you consume the best foods for keto.

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